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NO more gun control -- NO on 22!

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC * P.O. Box 3114 * Denver, CO 80201 * 303.432.3006

Take Action -- Defend Your Rights

Things you can do to help protect our rights and defeat 22

Join the RMGO PAC

Become a member of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and their PAC. RMGO is the largest gun rights organization in Colorado, and is the main organization opposing Amendment 22. It also was the organization that defeated HB1242, the bill in the legislature to outlaw private sales at gun shows.

To make your generous contribution to the "No on 22" campaign, send your check to "Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC," P.O. Box 3114, Denver, CO 80201.

Support Politicians Who Support Your Rights

Don't forget to vote for pro-gun-owner politicians this November 7! If the gun-grabbers take over, we're bound to lose this and many other issues.

Educate the Public

Learn about the issues, hand out flyers, write letters to the editor, and call into radio shows. Background checks don't stop criminals, they wrongfully deny law-abiding people their rights to purchase a firearm for self-defense. Freedom is not a loophole!

Make sure your friends and neighbors understand that Amendment 22 is gun control, not the removal of some little "loophole" in the law.

Display a "No on 22" Bumper Sticker and Yard Sign

Information will be listed here soon concerning where you can pick up your "No on 22" bumper sticker and yard sign.

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