Hickson Runs for Lieutenant Gov.

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Hickson Runs for Lieutenant Gov.

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared in the May 2002 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

Desiree Hickson filed paperwork with the Secretary of State April 12 to become a Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Hickson said, "I am running to eliminate the job of Lt. Governor. When elected, I will serve vigorously. I will also lobby vigorously for the elimination of this pointless and wasteful position."

Carol Geltemeyer, Secretary for the Libertarian Party of El Paso County, said, "We're really proud of Desiree in our county. Not only does she do a lot for us, but now she's running for Lt. Governor. You couldn't ask for a better Libertarian candidate."

Candidates Ralph Shnelvar (Governor) and Steve D'Ippolito (U.S. Senate) also joined Hickson at the Denver office, as did Frank Atwood. Carol's daughter Hattie and Desiree's children C.J., Liam, and Lilith tagged along.

"I believe I can bring more people into the Libertarian camp," Hickson said. "I want to help Coloradans understand what true liberty is all about. I think I can offer a kinder, gentler side of the Libertarian Party to people."

Hickson also expressed support for Ralph Shnelvar, a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate. "Ralph is a great guy, a very well-spoken and outspoken gentleman. I am pleased to be associated with him. Anything I can do to further his campaign, that's my ultimate goal."

Shnelvar commented, "Desiree is the quintessential Libertarian with the ability to make difficult issues accessible to the general voting public."

Shnelvar will challenge James Vance next month to capture the LP's nomination.

Hickson homeschools her children with her husband Nathan, who serves in the Army. She said, "My children are so important to me that I have accepted the burden of paying for their education as well as the financing of other children's 'education' through my taxes. 11% of Colorado's children are now in private school or being home schooled. When we are elected, both Ralph and I will make it easier for Colorado parents to choose where and how they wish to educate their children so that children can and will get the quality education that they need and deserve."

Should the Shnelvar/Hickson ticket win the nomination, it is believed to be the first Colorado ticket led by a Jew and an African American woman.

Hickson responded, "The Libertarian Party's message of freedom is based, in part, on the knowledge that the tolerance -- indeed the joy! -- of human differences is what brings happiness and prosperity to our great country. We embrace everyone without prejudice with but with two exceptions: We shun bigotry and we do not tolerate the initiation of force for political or social goals."

Hickson ran for State House District 18 in 2000. She currently serves as Media Director for the Libertarian Party of El Paso County.

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