Aitken Runs for Secretary of State

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Aitken Runs for Secretary of State

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared on the web page of Colorado Liberty.]

Long-time LP activist David Aitken filed his paperwork April 26 to become a candidate for Secretary of State. He pledged to fight voting fraud and make sure "none of the above" is a clear option on ballots.

[Caption for excluded photo: David Aitken (center) joins Ken Gorman, Ralph Shnelvar (candidate for Governor), Desiree Hickson (candidate for Lt. Governor), and Steve D'Ippolito (candidate for U.S. Senate). Lilith is along for the ride.]

"I look forward to representing the Libertarian Party as your candidate for Secretary of State. I believe my ideas for reform in the election process will resonate with many Colorado citizens and that you can be proud to mention them to your friends and neighbors," Aitken said.

Ralph Shnelvar, who joined Aitken for the filing, said, "David is so well-qualified and so well-liked that both Libertarian gubernatorial candidates are delighted with his courageous choice to run for Secretary of State. David's common-sense proposals to prevent voter fraud will appeal to everyone. The ten years that he has spent working on voting issues -- including his tenure with the Secretary of State's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Elections -- will serve all of Colorado extremely well. I look forward to running with Mr. Aitken. His dedication and professionalism will add significantly to our chances of winning the 2002 election."

Aitken outlined four main goals.

* Reduce potential for voter fraud by letting voters choose 'None of the Above' in all candidate races and issue questions. This should eliminate the possibility that your ballot could be marked by someone else for some candidate you didn't want. Estimated cost to the state -- zero dollars.

* In mail ballot elections, voters should be notified if their ballot was received, if it was rejected, and why. If the ballots rejected exceed one-half of one percent, the election should be invalidated and a new one held. Estimated cost to cities, counties, and special districts -- double current costs.

* Require that the complete process of handling and counting mail ballots be observed by two members of the public and that a report on the integrity of the process be made available to the public. Estimated cost to the state -- zero dollars unless significant changes are needed.

* Protect your privacy by removing social security numbers from the voter registration form and the voter files.

Aitken served on the Secretary of State's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Elections in 2001. He wrote portions of ballot access bills passed by the legislature in the last ten years. He is a member of the Colorado Coalition for Fair and Open Elections, and he sponsored an initiative to reduce the number of laws in Colorado.

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