Libertarians See Flurry of Activity

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Libertarians See Flurry of Activity

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[The following article originally appeared in the March 2002 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

Libertarians across Colorado made headlines during February and advanced their ideas.

Sheriff Bill Masters, author of the recently published book Drug War Addiction (1.800.374.4049 or www., spoke on over two dozen radio programs around the nation during February following a release distributed by George Getz of the national LP.

The Leadville Libertarians passed a balanced-budget resolution February 19. "You would not believe the struggle we had," said Councilor Joe Swyers. The council also voted to get rid of an administrative assistant position, and it began efforts to repeal fireworks ordinances and a business license tax. Earlier in February, Ari Armstrong responded to criticisms leveled at the council by Bernie Herpin of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition; Armstrong's essay is at

Ralph Shnelvar and Mark Holden, candidates for governor and state representative respectively, testified in favor of House Bill 1242 February 14. The bill, sponsored by David Schultheis and favored by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, would liberalize concealed handgun carry. Shnelvar pointed out that similar measures have worked well in other states, and Holden argued the bill should be amended to cover all types of weapons and allow police chiefs as well as sheriffs to issue. While libertarians generally favor even more liberal laws, such as Vermont has, Holden said 1242 is "one of the more rational bills currently being considered by our state representatives."

Shnelvar's letters were also published in the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News during February. He blasted Owens' educational reforms as meaningless, and he wrote, "What funds terrorists and other criminals is that there is so much money to be made from the inflated prices of illegal drugs."

Rick Stanley, LP candidate for U.S. Senate, challenged Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura to a three-round boxing match to raise awareness of his campaign. The story earned press attention in Colorado Springs and Vail, but Ventura didn't agree to the match.

Mark Holden, W. Earl Allen, David Bryant, Joe Johnson, Elizabeth Bennett, and Dan Cochran volunteered to help proctor the annual metropolitan MATHCOUNTS contest held at the University of Denver February 9. MATHCOUNTS is a nationwide volunteer organization dedicated to the improvement of the mathematical abilities of our youth. The Libertarian Party was recognized for its volunteer efforts.

Tom Preble will begin writing a regular column for the Denver Post starting in a few weeks. Preble, a long-time libertarian who now lives in the southeastern part of the state, began his relationship with the newspaper with a "Colorado Voices" column. Preble's new column will appear twice a month in the Sunday Lifestyles section.

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