Shnelvar Joins Vance for Governor's Race

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Shnelvar Joins Vance for Governor's Race

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared in the February 2002 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

Ralph Shnelvar filed his paperwork with the Secretary of State January 16 to become a candidate for governor on the Libertarian ticket. He joins James Vance in the race, who filed paperwork July 3.

Bob Glass withdrew from the race in early January. In a public e-mail dated January 1, Glass wrote, "After letting the dust settle and after much thinking, reflecting and soul-searching, I came away with the feeling that I need to get my life in order and build some sort of a foundation for menot the LP candidate, not the TRT spokesman, not the Bill of Rights activist or radio talk show host, but simply as Bob Glass." Glass had entered the race on September 27.

Shnelvar said, "I'm running because Bill Owens has betrayed the people on several fronts. First, he is spending $500,000 of tax money to promote Colorado tourism by advertising in Colorado. Clearly he is using public funds to promote his own candidacy. Second, he has not listened to the people who voted to liberalize drug laws in general and marijuana laws in particular. Third, he pandered to the anti-gun crowd by being the first to sign on to Amendment 22 when he had promised to defend gun rights. Im running because freedom and liberty are being rapidly eroded in this state and in this country. I am running to give the voters a choice."

[The following article originally appeared on the web page for Colorado Liberty.]

Shnelvar Considers Governor's Race

January 4, 2002

Ralph Shnelvar, a software developer and Libertarian activist from Boulder, has announced interest in running for governor of Colorado on the Libertarian ticket. He sent out an e-mail on the evening of January 3 (reproduced below) asking for support.

Shnelvar supported Bob Glass as a candidate for governor before Glass withdrew from the race. Glass sent out an e-mail January 1 stating he wished to drop out of the race, and he said January 3 he was not interested in suggestions to run a less intense campaign or to run as lieutenant governor.

If Shnelvar decides to formally enter the race, he will compete against James Vance, currently the only official Libertarian candidate for governor. Vance, who previously sought the nomination with one faction of the Reform Party, sent out an e-mail January 3 expressing his desire that Libertarians be "united as a single party with a single goal" of defeating Bill Owens.

Various party activists have suggested other Libertarians as possible candidates for the office. Joe Johnson, the charismatic chair of the Boulder affiliate, tops the list of some. Prior to running for state chair, John Berntson said he might be interested in running. Richard Lamping previously contacted John Cochran, the chair of the economics department at Metropolitan State College, about the possibility of Cochran entering the race. Bill McCorkel has expressed willingness to run. Several other party leaders have also been mentioned as possible candidates. Sheriff Bill Masters of San Miguel County said he plans to run for reelection as sheriff.

While others have discussed the possibility of running, Shnelvar submitted a public call for support. He said he plans to submit paperwork with the Secretary of State on January 14 if enough people write to him expressing support for his candidacy.

Ralph Shnelvar's Letter:

Dear Lovers of Liberty:

As you all know by now, Bob Glass has withdrawn from the race for Governor.

I deeply regret this. All the Glass volunteers worked extremely hard to make the Glass Campaign a smashing success. We are all deeply disappointed.

I am - conditionally - announcing that I, Ralph Shnelvar, wish to run against James Vance for the Party's nomination.

What are the conditions? It is fairly simple: Just send me e-mail saying that you will vote for me at the Convention. If I get enough support from those whom I respect then I will file my paperwork on January 14.

What are my plans?

My style is considerably different than Bob's or Rick's. I plan to run a low key and statesmanlike campaign. (Please note that even though my style is different that I completely support Rick Stanley's tactics and his campaign.)

I will also run an effective campaign. I will use every guerrilla tactic that I have learned from marketing software and doing political campaigns to bring deserved attention and honor to this Party.

I will not demand the financial or time support of the members of this Party in order to run. If I get financial and volunteer support, great. If not, then I will make do.

I will not drain this Party's limited resources on a Quixotic goal. Local elections are far too important.

I have asked Bob (and I will continue to ask Bob) to run as Lt. Governor. He has so far refused. He has refused even to run as a line-holder. But if I can get a buzz going about my campaign, maybe he will change his mind.

I am proud that Bob has verbally given his support and blessings to my campaign. I am proud that several prominent Libertarians have already offered their encouragement and support.

I will bring this Party together. I will not run if it rips this Party apart. I will honor my commitments.

All those who know me know that I live up to my commitments.

I want to hear from you. I even want to hear from you if you will not support me.

in liberty,

Ralph Shnelvar

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