Glass Withdraws from Governor's Race

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Glass Withdraws from Governor's Race

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared on the web page for Colorado Liberty.]

January 3, 2002

Bob Glass, who submitted his paperwork to become a Libertarian candidate for Governor on September 27, 2001, has withdrawn from that race.

On December 19, Glass met with his campaign chair BetteRose Smith and other supporters and informed them he was reconsidering his decision to run. On January 1, Glass sent an e-mail stating his intention to withdraw from the race (reproduced below). On January 1, 2, and 3, several of Glass' supporters contacted him about the possibility of running a campaign that allowed for more personal time, or running for Lieutenant Governor.

Initially, Bob entertained these possibilities. On the evening of January 3, Bob said he did not intend to run for Governor or Lieutenant Governor.

As of this date, James Vance is the only officially declared candidate for Governor on the Libertarian ticket. Ralph Shnelvar said he is willing to run, and several others have said they might consider running.

Letter from Bob Glass:

I have been seriously considering withdrawing from the Governor's race as the Libertarian Party candidate. It took me a long time initially to decide to enter the race, as there were many unknown factors both in my personal life and in the political landscape to consider.

Despite some misgivings from the 'rational' angel sitting on my shoulder telling me not to enter the race, I was swayed by the 'emotional' angel sitting on my other shoulder telling me to go for it. I never had any illusions about winning the governor's race, but I did think that my candidacy could defeat Bill Owens and get the party 10% of the vote which would have given the LP major party status and at least in my opinion would have made it exceedingly difficult for the Ds & Rs to exclude the LP from any future debates. These goals were in my opinion obtainable and worth doing. I still feel that way. A well-organized and well-run campaign can still achieve these results whether I am the candidate or not. After running my business for 10 years and becoming the de-facto spokesman for Second Amendment rights in Colorado and my involvement with the TRT, I was quite frankly feeling rather burnt out.

After John Rothrock's home was raided by the BATF and it became clear that the intent of the raid was simply to pressure John into giving them information that they could use to indict me on, the pressure I was feeling was and still is enormous. As you know, I was also under incredible pressure to pack up my shop and my belongings as the building was literally being torn down around me. These were the circumstances under which I made a very difficult decision to enter the race for Governor. Yes, I would be putting my life on hold for another year, but I felt that the results that could be achieved would be worth it.

I felt that after taking a few weeks off and going back to New York and having some rest and some time to reflect and regroup I could come back to Colorado with my batteries recharged and ready to jump into the campaign with both feet. After letting the dust settle and after much thinking, reflecting and soul-searching, I came away with the feeling that I need to get my life in order and build some sort of a foundation for me -- not the LP candidate, not the TRT spokesman, not the Bill Of Rights activist or radio talk show host, but simply as Bob Glass. If I have a nervous breakdown I will be no good to the party nor the campaign nor to myself. Not that I feel that I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but I do feel tremendous pressure and the only prospect about which I feel any real excitement is getting my personal life together.

My personal life took a back seat to my business and my political activism for 10 years -- that's a long time. I felt that I could put my personal life on hold for another year and take advantage of a unique opportunity to exploit the betrayal of a Republican Governor and strike a blow for freedom. In retrospect, I feel that I was unrealistic about my ability to do that. Ari was absolutely right in that if this campaign is to be successful, I am the one that is going to have to lead the charge, generate the excitement, provide people with an incentive to give their time, money and support to the campaign. I don't believe that I can do that.

In my enthusiasm and desire to carry on the fight I convinced myself that I could physically, emotionally and financially wage this campaign. I realize now that I cannot. I bit off more than I cold chew. As the great sage and philosopher Dirty Harry said, "A man has got to know his limitations." I am now discovering mine. Quite frankly the party deserves a candidate that has the time, the energy and the emotional commitment to wage a serious campaign. Despite my best efforts to convince myself to the contrary, the simple truth of the matter is that my heart is just not in it. All of you guys have been blessed with wonderful wives and husbands and good lives. I feel that that is the priority that I want to make in my life and I just cannot psyche myself into the right frame of mind that a candidate needs to wage this kind of a campaign.

Therefore, I have decided to withdraw from the race for Governor. All of you guys have been terrific. You have all busted your butts for me and the campaign and I am well aware of the many tireless hours all of you have put in, not to mention the emotional commitment and the sacrifices you all have made in your personal lives. I feel that I am letting you down with my decision and I ask for your understanding and forgiveness. John Galt and Howard Roark wouldn't give a damn about what people think about them, but I do -- very much. Especially those people like yourselves that I respect and admire and am proud to call my friends. I realize that by withdrawing from the campaign I am putting you all in an awkward and compromising position in that you have put not only your time and energy into the campaign but your prestige and good names as well.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I take full responsibility for any negative fallout that may occur as a result of my decision to leave the race. You guys worked very hard and did a tremendous job with what you had available. I am eternally grateful for what you did with the campaign as well as helping me pack and move my shop as well and the friendship and emotional support that you all have given me. Ultimately I must be realistic about my capabilities and be honest with my emotions. Like I said before, you guys deserve a candidate ready, able and willing to go the distance.

I hope that by withdrawing while there is still the better part of a year to go until the election, that you can regroup and wage a successful campaign with another candidate. I hope that you believe me when I tell you that it was never my intention to mislead or deceive you guys in any way. At any given time, you try to make the best decision that you can and do the right thing. I thought that I made the right decision when I entered the race, but now I realize that I did not.

My intentions were always honorable and the last thing I wanted to do was to cause you guys grief and anxiety, and I know that I have given all of you more than your share of both and for that I am truly sorry. Again, I most sincerely apologize for whatever grief and negative fallout that this decision may cause. Thank you all again for all that you have done for me personally and for the campaign. I hope that you will try to understand the things that I have been dealing with and not judge my too harshly for my decision.

Yours in Liberty,
Bob Glass

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