Libertarian News: November 2001

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Libertarian News: November 2001

by Ari Armstrong

[The following material originally appeared in the November/December 2001 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

Libertarians Called for Military Service

Brian Rachocki and Nathan Hickson were called to serve overseas in the military.

Rachocki was activated as a member of the Air National Guard on October 9, and he went to Saudi Arabia the next week. He lives in Castle Rock with his wife Barbara and their three children. Rachocki served on the state LP's board as Outreach Director.

Hickson was called to action by the Army. He currently serves at Fort Carson in an artillery unit. He will report on March 20 and leave for Korea. Hickson, his wife Desiree, and their two sons live in Colorado Springs. They have a third child on the way.

Publications Advisor Ari Armstrong said, "We all hope Brian and Nathan have a safe time of service overseas. I hope their families won't hesitate to call on other Libertarians for anything they might need during this difficult time of separation. These men have our gratitude for their willingness to defend America and the principles that make America great, the principles spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights."

Sheriff Masters Publishes Drug War Addiction

Sheriff Bill Masters of Telluride, Colorado's highest-ranking Libertarian official and the nation's only Libertarian sheriff, wrote a book titled Drug War Addiction, which is currently in production.

The publisher is Accurate Press, which also published Unintended Consequences by John Ross and Nation of Cowards by Jeff Snyder.

In the acknowledgements, Masters writes, "My wife Jill has offered her support and encouragement through the years. Richard Lamping was instrumental in getting this project off the ground, and Dawn Lamping helped to edit the text. Ari Armstrong also helped with the editing process and he helped me research a variety of issues. Jennifer Armstrong provided her expertise in graphic design. Fred Boucher assisted with the copy editing. I especially want to thank the men and women in law enforcement I've worked with over the years to keep violent criminals off the streets."

Masters will speak at the University of Colorado, Boulder, on December 5. Details will be announced at Masters' web page is at

Photo Radar Challenged

Stuart Barr, a lawyer and a Libertarian, will challenge the constitutionality of photo radar in court. He said the practice violates equal protection requirements. Barr is also a member of the Austrian Economics Study Group organized by Ken Riggs.

Candidates Attend Cato Forum

A number of Libertarians attended a Cato event October 24, including candidates Norm Olsen and W. Earl Allen.

David Boaz of the Cato Institute said, "Limited government is one of the greatest achievements in the history of humanity... The essence of America is economic and political freedom."

As a matter of foreign policy, Boaz urged Americans to not "misallocate troops." We should "focus on American national defense, not get involved in other conflicts" around the world.

P.J. O'Rourke also spoke about the September 11 attacks. He is touring with speakers from Cato to promote his new book, The CEO of the Sofa. He said the best way to promote peace is to increase the wealth of society through free enterprise. "Our duty is to make everbody fat, happy, and terribly overscheduled with their social calendars," he said.

O'Rourke now works for the Atlantic Monthly as a columnist. He said he may travel to the Middle East to "see how middle-class Muslims cope with fundamentalism" that sometimes turns violent in the region.

Activists Fight Wasteful Monorail

John Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, said, "There is another tax grab headed for the fall ballot in Colorado, a three-year study of a monorail system from DIA to Vail. It doesn't matter that the technology to hurl a train up the side of a mountain at 125 m.p.h. doesn't exist anywhere in the known universe and that a study will delay needed road improvements. The initiative made it on the ballot by just a few signatures.

"On their own time, Senior Fellow Dennis Polhill and activist Doug Campbell are leading an effort to keep this tax increase off the ballot by finding improper signatures on the petitions."

Libertarian activists, including Slim Sulyma, chair of the Jefferson County LP, helped Polhill on the project. While a judge accepted the signatures, the measure lost.

Doug Newman, who runs a web page at, referred to the tax plan as "one more in a long line of proposals to shake down the many to pay for the wants of the politically- privileged few."

LPEP Helps Guard Mosque

In the aftermath of the horrific events of September 11, the lone mosque in Colorado Springs was threatened with violence. Similar threats were reported across the nation. The mosque sent out a call for help, and the community responded.

On Friday, September 14, members of the Libertarian Party joined members of the Pikes Peak Interfaith Council, Earth Spirit Pagans, and Team Rainbow in providing security for the Islamic Society of Colorado Springs so their normal Friday prayer services could be held. No incidents occurred, and the prayer service was held in peace.

"My Army oath was to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic," remarked James Taylor of Team Rainbow. "There is no time limit on that oath. Those who attack free religious practice attack the Constitution!"

Commented Jose Thomas, who organized the community response: "These people did not attack the United States, so why are they being persecuted? The foe here is not Islam; it is the fear and frustration of ignorance. We're here to show support for freedom and against fear."

The Libertarian Party joins with all Americans in condemnation of the terrorists who attacked America, and warns Americans not to prejudice themselves against Muslims because of the barbaric acts of a fringe few. The Libertarian Party joins in the call for healing and uniting to not let the scourges of terror, anger, and fear destroy our freedom, our liberty, and our rationality.

Walk for Capitalism

A Walk for Capitalism will be held December 2 in cities around the world., the web page for the event, states, "We proudly uphold: Free trade, globalization, liberty, profit, free speech, technology, universal individual rights, intellectual and material prosperity, private property, rule of law, innovation, creativity, human dignity and happiness."

Prevent Voter Fraud

David Aitken said on the LP chat list, "With the proliferation of mail ballots, it might be a good opportunity to promote 'None of the Above' as a fraud prevention measure. A paper ballot that has no marks on it for some races is an invitation for some election worker to mark that ballot for someone the voter doesn't support. Providing an option for NOTA would give the voter the option of voting in every race and preclude that opportunity for fraud."

Libertarians Attend Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition

Ari Armstrong told the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition that Bill Owens "sacrificed our liberties for the sake of his own petty political power" by advocating Amendment 22, which expanded the Brady gun registration system.

The September 13 event also featured a representative from Owens' campaign, a Democrat, and a person who argued for "none of the above."

LPEP Blasts Department of Human Services

"It's long past time the Department of Human Services was investigated," said El Paso County LP Chair Steve D'Ippolito. "They deprive citizens of their privacy and trample on due process. It's high time they got the message that this is intolerable." He said the agency ignores real problems of child abuse even as it pursues "totally specious complaints."

LPEP made three specific proposals for reforming the agency. First, make DHS subject to all due process laws. Second, require DHS to have verifiable evidence of mistreatment, and then require agents to investigate all such complaints properly. Finally, do not relocate children without obtaining custody orders.

CUT Owens Loose

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) gave Bill Owens a low score for fiscal responsibility, the Rocky Mountain News reported October 31. Owens scored only a 33% rating with the group, even worse than the 34% rating "earned" by the Senate.

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