Abolish the IRS

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Abolish the IRS

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared in the June/July 2001 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

About a dozen people protested high taxes at the Denver main post office. I wore a burglar outfit with an IRS badge and a sign that read, "I'm from the IRS and I'm here to help you!" Some people gave me a blank stare, while others burst out in laughter. Other protesters held LP signs.

The group consisted of Libertarian Party members and Tyranny Response Team members. Bob Glass reminded people of all the wonderful government programs they're paying for -- like the war on drugs that claimed the lives of Ismael Mena and so many others.

Some flyers I made up said, "Quick! Name your favorite government program! Having trouble?

"Maybe that's because the U.S. government now acts far beyond the limits set in the Constitution. Today, the government spends your money to regulate toilet size, offer retirement benefits to chimpanzees, provide Viagra to Senators, bomb farmers in Columbia, and fund many, many other programs which are unconstitutional and which waste billions of dollars.

"The Libertarian Party wants the government to live within the limits set by the Constitution. If it did so, we could ABOLISH THE INCOME TAX, ABOLISH THE IRS, and still fund essential government services like national defense.

"Want to learn more? Visit www.lp.org, www.lpcolorado.org, or call 1.800.ELECT.US."

Next year, I'd like to see large Libertarian tax protests in Denver and other large cities -- big and sensational enough to earn media coverage. Groups of three or four could then spread out to different post offices to distribute literature to passersby.

The Colorado Freedom Report--www.FreeColorado.com