Browne Campaigns Across State

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Browne Campaigns Across State

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared in the November 2000 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

DENVER, COŠ Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Browne was in Denver October 2. He spoke to crowds at the Constitution Monday rally at the State Capitol that evening and to a campaign rally later.

Browne was also a guest on KOA's Mike Rosen Show earlier in the day.

At the Constitution Monday rally, Browne told the crowd of 250 that one of his first acts as president would be to disarm the guards at the US Capitol, until such time as the Congress stopped interfering with the right of the people to defend themselves. "Gun laws create enormous interventions in our ability to defend ourselves," he said later.

"There was a time in this country when there were no drug laws," Browne said to a campaign rally of more than 150 people. "Yet America did not then have a drug problem." Browne believes that drug laws have led to criminal gangs pushing drugs on children.

"Put drugs back in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry," he said. "They wonÕt have pushers on the school yard."

He also asked if the lives of George W. Bush or Al Gore would have been improved if they had spent ten to twenty years in prison for their youthful indiscretions.

When asked why people should vote Libertarian, Browne replied, "If you want smaller government, you are never going to get it by voting for people who are making government bigger. People should stop voting for the person who will take us to hell at the slowest possible rate."

Talking about Bill Clinton's recent convention speech, Harry Browne hopes that his presidential farewell address will be, "Do you remember when you used to have to pay income tax?"

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