Fruit Picking, Amendment 22 Challenge, Candlelight Vigil

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Fruit Picking, Amendment 22 Challenge, Candlelight Vigil

by Ari Armstrong

[The following material originally appeared in the September/October 2000 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

INS Protest Continues Palisade Tradition

On August 19, the Libertarians of Colorado picked several thousand pears and earned two television interviews in an effort to protest INS policies which target migrant workers. Harry Talbot sponsored the event on his Palisade farm. Michael Simpson provided great T-shirts for the event and Richard Lamping called the media. Sharon Armstrong took pictures. Other workers included Robin and Derrick Sharp, Warren Kruse, and BetteRose Smith. Talbot generously rewarded workers with peaches from another of his orchards.

Volunteers Conduct Check on Initiative

Doug Fox, Dick Jones, David Bryant, Ari Armstrong, Dan Morris, and Tom Parker count signatures at the Secretary of State's office. The background check initiative sponsored by the anti-gun lobby Sane Alternatives to the Firearms Epidemic would apply to private transfers at gun shows, defined as three or more persons. Attorney Paul Grant filed a legal challenge against the measure for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

Candlelight Vigil Held to Remember Holocaust Victims

On August 30th Dr. Shawn Glazer, Libertarian candidate for Colorado State House of Representatives District #24 spoke with a crowd of over 60 people gathered for a candlelight vigil for genocide victims around the world.

The event was sparked by a letter from Bobbi Tobin, Associate Director of the Anti-Defamation League, to members of the Tyranny Response Team asking that they "refrain from using the Nazi Genocide as a political tool." The ADL has been actively lobbying for increased gun control.

Dr. Glazer said, "It would be a dishonor to the memory of my relatives who died in the Holocaust to not consider the implications of history when creating legislation. Every major genocide around the world began with disarmament of the people. Truly protecting minorities, as the ADL claims to do, includes protecting their right to protect themselves."

Also in attendance at the event were Dudley Brown, president of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners association and Bob Glass of the Tyranny Response Team. The people attending wore 6 pointed yellow stars emblazoned with the words "Gun Owner." Unlike other TRT events this was a solemn occasion with no shouting or bullhorns. After the speeches a single fife player played "Amazing Grace" and the ceremony was concluded with the singing of a prayer in Hebrew.

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