Libertarians Field Historic Ballot Slate

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Libertarians Field Historic Ballot Slate

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared in the September/October 2000 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

The Libertarian Party of Colorado announced that it is providing something no other "minor" party has provided in decades, if ever: a nearly full slate. Colorado voters have it within their power to elect a Libertarian majority in the State House and a strong plurality in the State Senate.

The Libertarian Party is running candidates in 58 out of 65 State House races and in 18 out of 20 State Senate races. In addition, Libertarians are running for all six US House seats and party member Johanna Fallis is running for Secretary of State. Six Libertarians are running for county commissioner.

Every Colorado voter will have a chance to vote for a Libertarian; most will be able to vote for three or more. In fact, Libertarians are providing a larger slate for state and federal legislative offices in Colorado than the Democrats.

This incredible list of candidates makes it possible a party other than the Republicans or Democrats could run an American state, for the first time since before the Civil War. Many believe that it is long past time.

"Libertarians are proud to have this opportunity to give Colorado a government dedicated to protecting their rights and, otherwise, getting out of their way," said Bette Rose Smith, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. "I certainly want to thank our Campaigns Director, Norm Olsen, and his entire team for making this dream come true.

"Now it is up to the people of Colorado to decide if they want to break the two-party monopoly that has, for so long, been stealing our money, intruding in our lives, and setting us against each other. Together, they have corrupted the meaning of freedom."

[Caption from original; photo not included: Colorado Libertarian candidates greet VP nominee Art Olivier at DIA airport September 7. (l-r) Ross Glidewell, Ari Armstrong, Olivier, W. Earl Allen, Johanna Fallis, Dr. Shawn Elke Glazer, Gregg Miller, Carol and Hattie Geltemeyer, and Adam Katz. (Hattie is a member of the Party but is not yet running for public office.)]

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