Libertarians Join Armed Informed Moms

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Libertarians Join Armed Informed Moms

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared in the June 2000 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

On Mother's Day, May 14, Libertarians joined hundreds of civil arms advocates gathered at City Park in Denver for the Armed Informed Mothers March.

Shawn Glazer, candidate for House District 24, got major press coverage with her doll carrying a miniature firearm and Constitution. Joe Johnson and Elizabeth Bennett carried a huge Libertarian banner.

The event was sponsored by Second Amendment Sisters and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. At the same time, the so-called "Million Mom March" held a rally at Civic Park Near the Capitol. There, Libertarians and other groups counter-demonstrated.

Debra Collins, the Colorado coordinator of the Armed Informed Mothers, spoke at the rally in Washington. "If it saves just one life, it's worth it," she said, "and my gun saved my life." Collins used her gun to defend against an attacker at her home.

The "Million Mom" organization is a front group of the Bell Campaign, a radical disarmament group based in San Francisco that wants to confiscate certain types of rifles, register all handgun owners with government agencies, ban normal capacity magazines, and mandate firearms storage. Such storage laws have been termed "lock up your safety" or "rapist protection" laws by civil arms advocates because the mandates can render firearms useless for self-defense.

While the Second Amendment Sisters and like-minded groups are both armed and informed, some of their opponents are neither. Glazer asked one anti-gun mom if she had read the Constitution or the history of civil arms. The anti-gun mom replied, "Oh, just shut up."

Sometime-libertarian Camille Paglia made the observation, "It doesn't take a weatherman to figure out that the average citizen doesn't want national policy determined by packs of weeping women led by a shrill, dimwitted talk-show host (Hillary sycophant Rosie O'Donnell)."

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