State Convention Rekindles Liberty's Torch

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State Convention Rekindles Liberty's Torch

by Ari Armstrong

[The following article originally appeared in the May 2000 edition of Colorado Liberty. Numerous photos and captions are not included.]

Colorado Libertarians joined with national figures to discuss theory and strategy at the 2000 State Convention April 14-16.

Presidential hopefuls Harry Browne, Don Gorman, and Barry Hess each shared their views at the convention, hoping to assist local politics and drum up support for the national convention this summer.

The Cato Institute's David Boaz gave the keynote address at the banquet Saturday evening. Las Vegas columnist Vin Suprynowicz concluded the convention, drawing on stories of American heroes who fought for their freedoms, and sometimes won. James Lark, a candidate for national chair, gave a lecture on strategy and discussed campus groups with Auraria students in attendance.

W. Earl Allen presented the main lecture Saturday morning. He argued that civilization is entering the "Chaordic Age," in which simple rules will make possible complex interaction. "You can't force order on chaos," he said, "order arises from chaos. Complexity doesn't arise via force or violence."

With the rise of the internet, Allen argued, "politics will become far less important in the future."

Sessions on practical technology were offered by Michael Dunafon, Barry Maggert, Michele Bethke, Jesse Wilkins, Ari Armstrong, Ron Bain, and Allen. Johanna Fallis took photos of candidates.

Morning "coffee" sessions covered such topics as Social Security, the abortion debate, Claire Wolf, victimless crimes, and Libertarianism.

Sheriff Bill Masters joined Geoff Lloyd, Debbie Matthews, and James Lark in a discussion on drug prohibition. Cheri Jeffryes, Lori Grant, and David Segal discussed alternatives to the government schools. Segal also gave an overview of the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

David Meleney revealed the "Art of Persuasion," and Richard Combs explained why "Infighting Doesn't Work." The party also elected a new board of directors.

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