LP News for May 2000

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LP News for May 2000

by Ari Armstrong

[The following material originally appeared in the May 2000 edition of Colorado Liberty.]

Armed Informed Mothers March

Join the Second Amendment Sisters, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, and the Tyranny Response Team on Mothers' Day, Sunday May 14, to advocate your civil liberties to keep and bear arms. The national press will be in town to cover the event, so now is the time to put the Libertarian Party in the spotlight. Bring your LP signs and literature. Check www.rmgo.org for details.

Adams County Libertarians Protest Income Tax

On April 17, to the sound of heartfelt "thank you"s and "it's about time," Ari Armstrong and Jay Carper led the tax day charge at two Adams County post offices. Thousands of Coloradans heard the words, "Vote Libertarian," and about fifteen hundred received literature introducing them to the LP's official stand on the income tax.

Armstrong, wearing a Bill Clinton mask, struck a sympathetic chord with last-minute tax filers by encouraging them to continue sending him (Bill Clinton, that is) their money so he could continue to finance big government projects like the war in Bosnia. One individual who objected that the poor would all become homeless without the income tax changed her mind when she realized that she could use that extra money to directly help the poor without money-hungry bureaucrats taking their cut. The overwhelming response was very favorable to the Libertarian Party.

Carper and Armstrong have already begun to formulate a plan for next year's protest. The tentative plans include bright colors, Nixon and Clinton masks, and two or three Libertarians at each of the county post offices. Carper estimated that they may be able to reach fifteen to twenty thousand Adams County residents in 2001.

For more information about the Adams County Libertarians, contact Jay Carper at 303.252.7808.

Please Participate in the Colorado Liberty

The deadline for material for the Colorado Liberty is the third Saturday of each month. If you head an affiliate, please send in updates about the activities of your group. Anyone may submit articles and letters for consideration. Send your documents (text-only e-mails preferred) and digitized photos to ariarmstrong@hotmail.com, or send print photos to state headquarters or to Ari Armstrong, Box 1034, Arvada, 80001. Please mark submissions with a "CL" in the subject. Thanks! Ari Armstrong, Publications

We've Got Web!

Check out the NEW Colorado Libertarian web page at www.lpcolorado.org!

Now that the web page is on-line and will be updated regularly, tell your friends and publish the address with your flyers and releases!

Libertarians Reach Out to Civil Arms Advocates

In a meeting with Harry Browne, Bob Glass commented that a major source of violence is drug prohibition. Thus, the war on drugs has led to a war on guns. Indeed, so-called "assault weapons" were bared from import ostensibly because of the drug war. While Glass is a long-time libertarian, his comments and similar notes from others may signify a shift in the civil arms community even closer to libertarian theory.

Glass was scheduled to speak at the state convention but was struck by another vehicle while driving on his way. He didn't go to the hospital, and hopefully he won't face physical problems or insurance hassles.

On April 19, Ari Armstrong spoke at Chatfield High School about civil arms. The students were enthusiastic. Armstrong asked students to be aware of the unintended bad consequences of laws and of Orwellian language manipulation. An opponent of civil gun rights spoke to the group two days later.

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