Darren Morrison Reply: The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates

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Darren Morrison Reply: The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates

Please see The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates for more information about the survey and a complete list of candidates who have replied.

Editor's disclaimer: I am posting the replies of all specified candidates who send them in, "complete and unedited," as stated in the survey. The publication of a candidate's replies here in no way implies support or agreement with that candidate's views by me, Linn Armstrong, the Colorado Freedom Report, or any other party. -- Ari Armstrong

Darren Morrison, House District 53, American Constitution

I OPPOSE the use of eminent domain for purposes of economic development. I also OPPOSE smoking bans (except in government buildings)

I do know what "shall not infringe" means. I won't support laws that would prohibit or hinder citizens of Colorado from legally keeping and obtaining firearms.

OPPOSE corporate welfare all together.

Amendment 38: Strongly support

Amendment 39 oppose

Amendment 40: oppose

Amendment 41: support

Amendment 42: oppose (lower Taxes and give everyone a raise).

Amendment 43: support (But I am against government Marriages as and institution)

Amendment 44: Support (but I will protect employers right to discriminate against marijuana users)

Referendum E Support

Referendum F Support

Referendum G Oppose Referendum H Support

Referendum I Oppose Referendum J oppose

Referendum K Support

I can never vote in favor of infanticide. We must stop brutally kill unborn children.

I back home schools and will support locally run public schools with out federal intervention. I will work to make college cheaper so everyone can afford it by using technology such as the Internet and puting courses on DVD-ROM.

I do not support Socialized medicine at all.

Welfare is not a right. We need to assist those with severe mental and physical needs only. I encourage individuals, churches, civic groups and private organizations, to fulfill their responsibility to help those in time of need.

The priority for water rights is for agriculture first.

I'll fight for veterans, insuring them preference points for state jobs and education.

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