Clyde Harkins Reply: The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates

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Clyde Harkins Reply: The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates

Please see The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates for more information about the survey and a complete list of candidates who have replied.

Editor's disclaimer: I am posting the replies of all specified candidates who send them in, "complete and unedited," as stated in the survey. The publication of a candidate's replies here in no way implies support or agreement with that candidate's views by me, Linn Armstrong, the Colorado Freedom Report, or any other party. -- Ari Armstrong

Clyde Harkins, Governor, American Constitution

Why Voters Should Select Harkins for Governor

My loyalty is first to Jesus Christ, then to the oath to the original, organic, uncorrupted, Colorado and U.S. Constitutions and after that to the People of Colorado. I understand that power and money are to be used to glorify God first and to help people second. I would hope and pray that my service would honor Him and the People of Colorado.

Property Rights--oppose [Editor's note: I take it that Harkins opposes the use of eminent domain for purposes of economic development. -- Ari Armstrong]

Smoking Ban Repeal--support by finding someone to sponsor repeal of the smoking ban who is in the Legislature

Smoking in Public Buildings--support

Civil Arms--I am against licensing of "rights" period
I would support/sign a bill to repeal the current concealed weapons law
I would support/sign legislation to repeal registration for sales at gun shows and locking up firearms.
I oppose legislation increasing liability or restricting the number or type of guns "the people" could own.

Corporate Welfare--I support the elimination of all corporate welfare.
Therefore, all subsidies golf courses, railroads would be nixed.

42--support--If we had a honest monetary system, I would be against minimum wage legislation. However, in the obsence of an, honest, constititutional, commodity-based system, a minimum wage is one way to partially protect the buying power of workers.

Referred Measures:
# E--oppose

Abortion: God clearly defines abortion as murder. God has stated very clearly that the shedding of innocent blood is an abomination. God assigned to civil government the authority to punnish evil as He has defined it. For virtually all of American history, states had laws that defined abortion as murder and therefore a crime that govermnent punnished.

Abortion also violates the "due process" clause of the 14th Amendment.

I would as Governor work to make abortion a crime.

Education: Government control of education is the source of tyranny over the minds and hearts of every American. I would work to return all education to the exclusive authority of parents which is where God assigned the responsibility.

Medicine: Health like education is an individual and family responsibility. Therefore, there would not be any question of a "single payer" or "universal care" proposals.

Other Issues: See other Issues such the harmful effects of the Globalists agenda on Colorado, merger with Canada and Mexico, illegal immigration, outsourcing of jobs, destruction of agriculture, the surveillance society, national ID, the 911 hoax, the declaration of national emergency, the suspension of large parts of the State and national constitutions and other issues on

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