Tim Babbidge Reply: The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates

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Tim Babbidge Reply: The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates

Please see The Armstrong Survey for 2006 Colorado Candidates for more information about the survey and a complete list of candidates who have replied.

Editor's disclaimer: I am posting the replies of all specified candidates who send them in, "complete and unedited," as stated in the survey. The publication of a candidate's replies here in no way implies support or agreement with that candidate's views by me, Linn Armstrong, the Colorado Freedom Report, or any other party. -- Ari Armstrong

Tim Babbidge, House District 42, Green

*oppose use of eminent domain for private gain

*support repealing smoking ban, take libertarian position on all substance use

*oppose prohibiting local governments from imposing smoking bans, support local control

*oppose concealed weapons

*support background checks for private sales at gun shows

*oppose legislation forcing gun owners to lock up weapons, support prosecuting them if unlocked weapons are stolen and used harmfully or if harm is accidentally caused by unlocked weapons.

*support legislation restricting number of firearms purchased in a given time period

*support restricting the kinds of firearms that a citizen may purchase.

*Will sponsor legislation eliminating corporate welfare (see attached leaflet) [leaflet not included]

*sponsor eliminating all but the most narrowly written government aid to private enterprise, e.g. would support aid designed to bring a grocery store to a neighborhood without one, but only if it was an independent store

*for positions on Amendements and Referenda please see RockyMountainNews.com candidate's profile

*do not favor additional restrictions on abortion, but wish both sides on issue would work together to make them less necessary, e.g. increasing government aid to parents

*Oppose vouchers and charters. Believe that the forces behind them have economic and political agendas, not educational ones, e.g. want to destroy teachers' unions. Support substantive reforms, e.g. ending lifetime tenure for classroom teachers while instituting some form of tenure for administrators. Wish to privatize collegiate and scholastic sports, i.e. take them off campus and off public support.

*Strongly support single payer to eliminate the enormous corporate welfare overhead that we are paying for now.

*Believe that the solution for immigration problems is ending corporate welfare on both sides of the border. Believe that labor law must be reformed before immigration law is, i.e. once there are strong and independent unions on both sides of the Mexican border, the immigration problem will be much more manageable. Strongly support the repeal of NAFTA, GATT, and all other such corporate welfare.

Tim Babbidge
Green Party Candidate, HD 42

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