Freedom Works; Ref. C Doesn't

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Freedom Works; Ref. C Doesn't

by Ari Armstrong, June 28, 2005

Jon Caldara and John Andrews led a press conference today to oppose Referendum C. Dick Armey was the special guest. An audio recording of the entire press conference is available as an mp3. (Shown in the photo are Dick Armey; Representatives Jim Welker and Joe Stengel; Andrews; Senators Doug Lamborn and Shawn Mitchell; Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Paschall; and Representatives Bill Cadman and Ted Harvey.)

Andrews set the tone for the "No On Ref. C" crowd: "Referendum C is really a solution in search of a problem... There is no budget crisis... Coloradans pay more than enough taxes... Higher taxes aren't good for Colorado working families or for Colorado's prosperity... We need TABOR [a Taxpayer's Bill of Rights] with teeth; Referendum C would give us TABOR toothless; it's the wrong answer." Andrews also mentioned the web page as a source of additional information.

Caldara described the grass-roots activism against Ref. C. He added, "The dirty little secret of Referendum C is this: it is a permanent tax increase."

Dick Sargeant (at right) from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers and Linda Stahnke from the Colorado Club for Growth.

Libertarians Mike Spalding and Steve Gallant join the coalition of other Colorado organizations in opposition to Referendum C.

The press conference was held in the press room of the capitol. As I left the building, I ran into a group of people that supports Referendum C. LeRoy Lemos led the group in chanting. I happened to have a "Vote NO on Ref. C" sign in hand, so I decided to engage in a little counter-chanting. The group chanted (something like) "don't mess with Colorado." I responded, "We are Colorado." The group yelled, "Dick Armey go home." I countered, "Tax and spenders go home." It was good fun, and I had a nice chat with a few of the members of the group after the chanting. One fellow was from the Bell Policy Center, a group oddly named after the Liberty Bell, even though "The Bell" opposes most principles of liberty. I agree we shouldn't mess with Colorado: we should leave Colorado's TABOR alone! One jovial guy held a sign that read, "Move Colorado Forward." I agree we should do that by limiting government spending. Only a dupe believes taking more money out of the productive economy, and handing that money over to politicians, will help Colorado's economy. Referendum C would hurt Colorado's economy, which is one reason why it must be defeated.

I also chatted briefly with two lobbyists who are supporting Referendum C, Nate Gorman and Katy Atkinson. (It reminds me of something Captain Reynolds tells Inara when Inara says she supported unification.)

Atkinson is shown at left.

Finally, here is Referendum C, a.k.a. the Trojan Horse:

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