Letter to the Editor: June 17, 2005

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Letter to the Editor: June 17, 2005

Radicals and Libertarians

Dear Ari:

I'm responding to Seth Dilday's letter.

The saddest thing, for me, about that letter is that you are considered radical.

It almost makes me cry when freedom is considered radical.

Small "l" libertarianism isn't radical. It is common sense: Wealth and freedom is diminished when property (tangible, real, or intellectual) is forcibly transferred from one person to another.

It almost makes me cry when the Colorado Libertarian Party decides that it is perfectly all right to give the voting franchise at Conventions to those who may have done nothing more than sign their names to a piece of paper.

"Sign here and be entitled to drug benefits. Sign here and get free day care. Sign here and send your kids to a school system funded by everyone else. Sign here for food stamps. Sign here and get farm subsidies."

"Sign here and be entitled to vote even though you did nothing more than sign here."

Sign here and get "reasonable" health care at a "reasonable" price because that's what the masses think is fair and reasonable. Sign here and the Libertarian Party will tell you it's all right because that's the only way we can sell a reasonable and not radical Libertarian Party.

Believing and arguing for freedom is now radical inside the Libertarian Party.

I fully support your principled decision to leave a political party that more-and-more bears the name "libertarian" in name only.

I, on the other hand, will continue to fight a rear guard action inside the Libertarian Party. Maybe the Libertarian Party will come to its senses some day.

Ralph Shnelvar, June 17, 2005

Ari Armstrong replies: I think I've said everything that's necessary for me to say about the Libertarian Party.

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