Letters to the Editor: June 16, 2005

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Letters to the Editor: June 16, 2005

More on Immigration

Your view on Mexican immigration seems limited and somewhat naive compared to your your normal perspectives. You should have been able to answer with a step-by-step process of effective border, security, registration, and management of immigrant control. It's not incredibly complex. Border security and management of immigration is a little-questioned function of government. It is simply stupid and inhuman, what we are doing now.

While likely the average rank-and-file immigrant Mexican has no interest or understanding of changing the U.S. political structure, that is not so among the activist community on both sides of the border. The are many Mexicans, Chicanos, and Hispanic Americans that desire the southwest return to Mexico. They believe the land known as Aztlan belongs to the Mexicans, Chicanos, and Southwest Indians and that it was stolen by the U.S. I've known many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Chicanos and Hispanic Americans who wish to see this happen.

Many of them are well-educated and what most people would suspect to be only average American citizens, if they met them on the street. But make no mistake, there is a well-established movement to re-orient the political structure of the U.S. towards one based on tribal and communal processes, foreign to our Constitution and common sense.

-- Jeff Wright, June 10, 2005

Medical Marijuana Ruling

So here are again, dealing with the insanity of the Supreme Court's response to the Medical Marijuana issue.

Perhaps I have been blind to what I thought was a non-political court beyond the reach of the pressures faced by elected judicial branches. Obviously suggested outcomes are well known by the Justices of our highest court. This decision is not only a disappointment from the medical-marijuana standpoint, but it has also rocked my faith in the very foundation of our nation.

Keep up the good work.

-- Dana May, June 12, 2005

Benefits of Ending Marijuana Prohibition

I guess I'm a little surprised that the release about "marijuana regulation" focuses so much on what we could pay for with it instead of talking about reducing the debt or deficit as an equally valid option. A lot of people don't want ANYTHING to pay for some of those programs because they don't like those programs... then again this is mass marketing, and it would be nothing but a drop in the deficit bucket, never mind the debt, huh?

-- Anthony Bubb, June 12, 2005

The Libertarian Movement


I just recently moved to Colorado from North Carolina and have been tracking down the libertarian movement around here in the Fort Collins area; I just recenly came across the Colorado Freedom Report, and I really appreciate your radical perspective. I think it's vital that to have the "radical" end of the spectrum stay engaged within the Libertarian Party in order to help educate people towards consistent libertarian principles, and I'm glad you're doing this, although I wish you'd be able to stomach being involved with the party proper (it being the one of the greatest concentrations of libertarian-minded people all in one place)...

Seth Dilday, June 15, 2005
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