Arvada Man Seeks Repeal of 'For Sale' Sign Ban

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Arvada Man Seeks Repeal of 'For Sale' Sign Ban

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ARVADA, CO -- Tom Wambolt of Arvada today sent a letter through his attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr. to the Arvada City Council and Arvada City Attorney asking the City to repeal its ban on "For Sale" signs in cars. If the City does not repeal the ordinance in two weeks, Wambolt will file a lawsuit against Arvada in Federal Court asserting a First Amendment violation.

Wambolt's lawyer, Robert J. Corry, Jr., said "Banning 'For Sale' signs -- but no other signs -- in cars is not only bad policy, it violates the First Amendment because it infringes on free speech."

Wambolt, a prominent community activist who spearheaded the effort to save Arvada's Columbine Lake from being paved over for a Wal-Mart, said "All I want to do is sell my truck, and the City won't let me do it in the cheapest and best way I know."

Corry pointed out that a federal court in California recently struck down a similar sign ban, and that Arvada's sign ban disproportionately harms lower-income citizens because "the rich can afford to buy and sell new cars from auto dealerships, whereas older, cheaper cars are harder to buy and sell that way." Corry hoped that the City would "do the right thing, repeal the sign ban, and save itself the expense and time of defending this unpopular ordinance in front of a federal judge."

Corry pointed to recent media coverage of police officers stopping motorists with "F*** Bush" bumper stickers. "If profane bumper stickers are protected by the First Amendment, then an honest working person's "For Sale" sign in his car is as well."

WHAT: Arvada Resident Tom Wambolt today sent a letter to the Arvada City Council requested that it repeal its ban on "For Sale" signs. If the sign ban is not repealed by March 21, 2005, Wambolt will file a lawsuit in federal district court challenging the infringement of his free speech rights.

WHEN: Today, March 17, 2005.

Robert J. Corry, Jr.
Attorney at Law

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