CUT Hosts TABOR Meeting

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CUT Hosts TABOR Meeting

by Ari Armstrong, January 26, 2005

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers, or CUT, hosted a dinner January 20 to discuss this year's legislative session. Three Republicans spoke: State Treasurer Mike Coffman, State Senator Mark Hillman, and State Representative Kevin Lundberg. Democratic Senator Ken Gordon also addressed the gathering. CUT President Penn Pfiffner introduced the speakers and memorialized Larry Lotito, who spent 14 years on CUT's board. Around 35 people attended. Following are photographs of the event. A related piece reviews the discussion.

Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Paschall and State Representatives Jim Welker and Dave Schultheis.

Dennis Polhill, State Senator Mark Hillman, and Frank Atwood.

Edwin Hanks, editor of the Front Range Rampart.

Pfiffner and Alan Farina from Grand Junction.





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