Letters to the Editor: August 20, 2004

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Letters to the Editor: August 20, 2004

Libertarian Primary

And the First Third Party Primary in the State of Colorado gets absolutely no mention......;-(

I pretty much expect this sort of thing from biased journalists. Too bad. It's actually a pretty good story, no matter how you look at it....;-)

Maybe you can impose your ideas on everyone else, if you suppress the truth.....

Keep trying, Ari......

Bo Shaffer, August 10, 2004
(Shaffer won the first and only Libertarian primary for state senate, district 17. He is also the chair of the Libertarian Party of Boulder County.)

Ari Armstrong replies: I titled my weekly e-mail update from August 10 "Primaries," and I included a brief introductory paragraph about primaries. I also explicitly noted I was offering only limited primary news. The fact that I did not write about the Libertarian primary revealed neither a bias nor an attempt to suppress the truth. Instead, that primary had already been covered by mainstream media, and I had nothing to add to the story. The purpose of the Colorado Freedom Report is not to cover all the news in Colorado, an impossible task for a one-person operation, but rather to cover select stories that aren't reported elsewhere, and to offer a distinctive editorial perspective.

Libertarian Primary, Part II

I'd have to agree with Bo on this, but...

Bo and Dwight [Harding] have made it into a non-event. Even though both were interviewed in all the papers (both Denver papers and Boulder County) their responses were less than blasé.

Dwight is completely out of touch with the party and its doings. His comments in the Post sounded like the LP was a very small time thing and people should take note that there is a new kid in town. He has no idea about what other people are doing. Completely sealed off in his own little world.

Depending upon who wins this primary things will either heat up or disappear. Bo will make noise.

National LP hasn't published one single thing about the CO primary. Lots of lips service, understanding that this is the birthplace of the LP. Some yak in Liberty News several months ago about a possible primary in Wyoming. Nothing about CO. Incredible putzes who don't respond to e-mail or phone calls.

Ciao for now --
Paul Tiger, August 10
(Tiger is a Libertarian candidate for Boulder County Commissioner.)

Libertarian Primary, Part III

Of the 216 registered Libertarians in Senate District 17 only 47 cast ballots in this race. Dismal.

Bo won by 69.6% over Dwight's 30.4%, or 32 to 14.

There appears to have been one ballot cast as an under-vote, meaning that no boxes were checked or filled. A protest vote by a Libertarian for Libertarians? Probably someone who hates the idea of primaries in the first place. Don't we all?

Some Guy

GOP Labels


If you're suggesting that GOP is re-cooking their chaff pudding, I agree. Anyone with gravity is pushed aside or crushed upon impact. The basic question is who do you want squandering your money and controlling your life, someone with a liberal or conservative label? Each has their own sense of self-righteousness. Of course labels are meaningless since there is no "truth in advertising" among career politicians. As ever, the corrupt manipulate the befuddled while the blind lead the blind -- ditto for the Democrats.

Bill Jambura, August 10, 2004

No Cure for Addiction?

Interesting to say the least Ari. No response?

Well, some time back, I did a research paper in college about this subject. It was titled "The New Addiction." I don't have all the references, so this is not MLA style, but from memory. Conclusions as follows: There is no cure! Be it alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse, gambling etc. Further, so long as courts order people into "treatment" there never will be a cure. That's the counselors' free government mandated lunch. Think about it. A major platform of the twelve step programs, is that you will always be an [insert favorite addiction, or behavior] abuser, and have no control over it. It is also inherent in the other types of psychotherapy, that you never get "better." Thus, will need "many" years of therapy. No wonder so many people go into psychology! They have a free ride courtesy of the courts!

Patrick Sperry, August 5, 2004

Addiction and Treatment

For your info, I was interested in your question #3 to James Porter, the drug counselor, about the effectiveness of drug treatment.

I have a family member who has admitted using some very addictive drugs. I went to a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous and talked to a few people about treatment. They told me that in-patient facilities are a nice way and an expensive way to get detoxed, but people are not going to stay detoxed unless they really want to be. Several of these people said that they got off drugs the hard way, without treatment, and the terrible experience is what keeps them off drugs now.

I hope that my family member can turn away from drugs without expensive treatment. My family member does not have medical insurance, and if I have to pay for treatment I would like to know how effective it is.

Thank you,
Philip Sagstetter, August 7

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