Letters to the Editor: July 22, 2004

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Letters to the Editor: July 22, 2004

Brophy No Libertarian

Brophy is NO LIBERTARIAN, and I am beginning to wonder about the party leadership in Colorado as well. Perhaps National should be looking at them with a microscope... A 2X would reveal an awful lot.

-- Patrick Sperry

Liberty is a Package Deal


Freedom is a PACKAGE deal. The whole "Drug War" debate is way off track; utilitarian arguments for or against a particular drug foolishly play into the hands of the prohibitionists by tacitly conceding the legitimacy of some types of prohibition. Prohibition, like all other forms of prior restraint, is fundamentally incompatible with liberty. Who owns you? We must all choose between liberty (self ownership) and the "nanny-state" (being the property of the state) -- you can't have "just a little" tyranny in a free society any more than you can be "just a little bit" pregnant. Brophy is a shining example of what happens to a "party of principle" when principles are compromised "just a little bit." Watching this nonsense unfold sadly confirms that any compromise with evil ultimately leads to ruin. I guess I'll just have to remain the lone hard liner; it would be nice, though, to have a few brothers watching my back when big brother gets around to paying me notice...

In Liberty
Milt Borchert

Liberty is a Package Deal

Addressing Ari's article about Mark Brophy. The last line of Ari's "Libertarian Candidate Endorses Nanny-State Legislation" article proposes: "The state LP board should take whatever steps are in its power to remove Brophy as a candidate."

The state board has no such power. It never did, and at this past convention the language that suggested that it did was removed. That language was in the LPCO Constitution Article VII, Section 3 which said:

"Any three Party members who believe that a candidate nominated under this Article has violated his or her pledge to support the Statement of Principles may file a written complaint asking a Party Officer to request a special hearing. At any Officer's request, the Board shall schedule a hearing within 15 days to hear the complaint. Notice of the hearing shall be mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested to the candidate and to the complainants not less than 7 days before the hearing is held. Further evidence may be introduced at any time during the hearing process. At the hearing the Board may, by a two-thirds vote, revoke the candidate's Certificate of Designation. No Party member may participate in more than one complaint during any calendar year, nor shall any complaint making the same or similar charges against the same candidate be heard more than once."

The amendment stuck this entire process. It was passed 10 to 1 with one abstention of 12 voters.

The point in removing this was that the SoS would not allow the party to remove a candidate's Certificate of Designation. Once a candidate has been voted by the membership at the convention, only that same body could undo it. Or the candidate could remove himself.

To play this game, as we attempted in 2002, is sheer folly. The LPCO board could tell the SoS their desire, but lawfully the SoS could not and would not act on it.

Mr. Brophy is a candidate. The LPCO could if it desired express its displeasure with him, but it cannot depose him.

Following the procedure laid out was and is a giant waste of time and effort with literally no possible outcome of any real effect.

-- Some Guy

Libertarians Should Seek Youth Vote

The population of the lowest number of voters has classically been the 18 to 24 year olds. They may have registered, but in the past have been the apathetic.

With this election that has changed. Young voters motivated to remove Bush from office. They have that single focus and know nothing else about what is happening. They have been and are disgusted with politics. Outside of their need to be rid of Bush, they are unaware of much else. Very few know anything government, and only understand that there are two parties. Many have seen the two parties as the same and the only parties that they know about. Most are voting for the first time, a few are voting for the second time in many years. Suddenly they believe that they can make a difference by voting. Many feel that they've been amiss in their duty to vote.

These people should be our target. When given the proper information they suddenly can identify themselves as Libertarians. They will not vote for a Libertarian president, based on the wasted vote concept. They fear the Bushites. They can easily be convinced to vote for local and legislative office Libertarian candidates. They are going to be voting in November anyway, so they could be voting Libertarian. All they need is information.

I personally suggest not wasting much time on new voters who wish to support Kerry. You will lose them. Push them on local and legislative Libertarian candidates. They don't have a clue about anything but dethroning the Bushites. Don't let them decide on local races without information about liberty and freedom. Don't let them really waste their votes by leaving blank spaces on their ballots.

New voters can be developed into Libertarian voters. Think of the future. Create a future of libertarianism through voter education. Create new possibilities for our party by inducting the 18 to 24 year olds. Get them to understand that local issues and local politics affects them directly. Young people will vote Libertarian because they will be voting for an end to the drug war, less government interference in their lives, and lower taxation.

In this election there will be many newly registered voters that are homeless or somehow simply not a part of the mainstream. Social outcasts have been motivated to be part of a change. The disenfranchised are becoming anti-Bush activists. An energy that can be easily cultivated when libertarian ideals are explained.

Don't miss your chance to actually grow the party from a fertile field. The seeds are already their, we just have to be the water.

-- Paul Tiger, Outreach Director for the Libertarian Party of Boulder County and candidate for Boulder County Commission

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