LPCO Announces 2004 Candidates

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LPCO Announces 2004 Candidates

[For more material about Mark Brophy's Libertarian nomination for the Colorado legislature, along with commentary about the Liberatrian Party of Colorado, please see Mark Brophy Updates.]

1425 Brentwood Street, Unit 18
Lakewood, CO 80214
(303) 837-9393
For Immediate Release: June 2, 2004
Contact: Desiree Hickson, Media Director
Phone: (303) 380-5810, (719) 459-0570
Email: MediaDirector@lpcolorado.org
Website: http://www.lpcolorado.org

Colorado Libertarian Party Announces Slate of Candidates for November 2004 Election

DENVER, CO-The Libertarian Party of Colorado held its annual Convention in Estes Park, CO May 21-23, 2004. On Sunday, May 23, 2004, members of the Libertarian Party in Colorado voted for qualified candidates to run on the Libertarian ticket in the November 2004 election.

27 candidates are currently slated to run on the Libertarian Party ticket in November: (More to be announced in a future release)

U.S. President

U.S. President: Michael Badnarik (L) U.S. VP: Richard Campagna (L)

U.S. Senate

John K Berntson (L)

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. House-District 2: Norm Olsen (L)

University of Colorado Regents

CU Regent-District 4: Dan Cochran (L)
CU Regent-At Large: Daniel Ong (L)

Colorado Senate

State Senate-District 12: Rob Herzfeld (L)
State Senate-District 14: Mark Brophy (L)
State Senate-District 17: Dwight K. Harding (L)
State Senate-District 17: Bo Shaffer (L)

Colorado House of Representatives

State House-District 6: Jeff Taton (L)
State House-District 13: Rand Fanshier (L)
State House-District 23: Michael McKinzie (L)
State House-District 24: Shawn Elke Glazer (L)
State House-District 26: Doug Anderson (L)
State House-District 37: Travis Nicks (L)
State House-District 38: Frank Atwood (L)
State House-District 41: Douglas F. Newman (L)
State House-District 42: Randall Phelps (L)
State House-District 49: Alberto Squassabia (L)
State House-District 52: Jassen Bowman
State House-District 60: Roger Easley (L)
State House-District 61: Dale Reed (L)

Boulder County

County Commissioner-District 1: Jeff Christen-Mitchell (L) County Commissioner-District 2: Paul Tiger (L)

Jefferson County

County Commissioner-District 1: Steve Gallant (L)

Saguache County

County Commissioner-District 1: John Wetherell (L)

Weld County

County Commissioner-District 3: Bruce Eckhart (L)

When asked to comment about the current slate of Libertarian candidates running for office in Colorado, Michael McKinzie issued this statement:

"The LPCO is attracting serious, viable candidates for public office. The LPCO Campaigns team is building an efficient structure to assist our candidates in their campaigns. As the Libertarian Party grows in size, we will eclipse all other third parties in efficiency and voter totals."

The Libertarian Party of Colorado is proud to announce this slate of candidates. As the fastest growing "third party" in U.S., the Libertarian party is dedicated to offering the voters of Colorado real choices besides the candidates of the two "major" parties.

The Libertarian Party is the only party offering Colorado the chance to vote for smaller government and more personal responsibility. It is the only party that is offering real choices for voters in the state of Colorado.

...In Liberty,
Desiree Hickson,
Media Director:
Libertarian Party of Colorado

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