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Mark Brophy Updates

The purpose of this file is to consolidate all the information and commentary about Mark Brophy, a Libertarian candidate for the Colorado Senate in 2004. Mostly it is a collection of links, but it will also record short comments that don't seem to fit elsewhere. The material is presented in reverse chronological order. -- Ari Armstrong, June 9, 2004

Libertarians Against Liberty: Brophy's Tribe
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarian Candidate Endorses Nanny-State Legislation
by Ari Armstrong

Brophy Issues New Gun-Policy Statement
by Mark Brophy and Ari Armstrong

Questions for Mark Brophy
by Ari Armstrong

LPCO Announces 2004 Candidates

The Brophy Debacle
by Jeff Wright

Shaffer Rips LPCO Critics
by Bo Shaffer and Ari Armstrong

How to Fix the LPCO (Reply to Shaffer)
by Ralph Shnelvar

Commentary by Chris Bennett (Effingham, Illinois), June 7:Ari, I just read your article about the Colorado LP about nominating a anti-gun Libertarian to run for office as a Libertarian. I think there should be a litmus test for those who want to pursue public office as a Libertarian but doesn't need to have a litmus test for being a member. The LP is controlled by the status-quo/purist that doesn't want to relinquish control of the party. I became a LP member while I lived inĘColorado in the 90's and they were all too careful about who was running for office back then. Now I think they did this to fill a spot on the ballot. At least the LP of Colorado still functions... here in Illinois it takes weeks to get an answer from anyone! My humble opinion is this... the LP is going down FAST. The LP needs to be more of an "open" party and include all opinions but offer a fair litmus test for all potential candidates so they don't have another Rick Stanley situation! As for me, I am rather disgusted with the LP and the hierarchy of nonsense. After the National Convention I revoked my membership of 13 years. I will not give National a dime until policies change. I will keep voting for respectable LP candidates. Ari Armstrong replies: I am unaware of serious problems at National. My critique pertains only to the state party.

Was I the Only Libertarian at the Colorado Libertarian Convention?
by Lloyd Sweeny

More Replies Concerning Mark Brophy's LPCO Nomination
by Steve Gresh, Rand Fanshier, Ari Armstrong, Milt Borchert, Anthony Bubb, Clark R. Marley, and Russ Shaw

Libertarian Party of Colorado, R.I.P.
by Ari Armstrong

Brophy Continues to Subvert the Right of Self-Defense
by Ari Armstrong, Mark Brophy, Dudley Brown, and Bob and Sandra Johnson

Why the LPCO's Line-Holder Strategy Backfires
by Ralph Shnelvar

Libertarianism: A Reply to Peter Schwartz
by Ari Armstrong

Gun Rights and the Rise of the LINOs
by Dudley Brown, Dan Cochran, Mark Brophy, and Ari Armstrong

A Libertarian Against Gun Rights?
by Dudley Brown, Norm Olsen, and Mark Brophy

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