Letters to the Editor: May 20, 2004

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Letters to the Editor: May 20, 2004

Brophy No Libertarian

Good morning Ari;

In my not so damned humble opinion, Mr. Brophy should NOT be recognized as a Libertarian. Period.

Patrick Sperry
May 13

It's a Choice

Thanks for saying this: "Consuming marijuana should be viewed as a choice, not a disease or a crime." Many reformers speak of sending users to "re-education camps," which to me is just a jail with nice inspirational posters on the wall. Also, the LINO e-mails caused me to stop and think about the 2nd, thanks! I really enjoy the Freedom Report, thanks for The New Prohibition...

Warren Kruse, May 13

The Future

I am a staunch Libertarian (big L). Every chance I get, I try to persuade others of the validity of its position. That said, I have pretty much surrendered to the fact that the country must fail in order for Libertarian philosophy to take hold. Ds and Rs are so entrenched in their hatred for one another that they cannot tolerate the possibility of losing power and, therefore, feel they cannot even entertain other positions. They would just as soon take the ship down (not just go down with it) while in control, rather than lose the "leadership" role. To that end, many will concede various Libertarian positions but will never vote differently. Since I do not have the charisma to be a Libertarian spokesman, the best I can do is support people, like yourself, who suffer the arrows for me. Thanks!

Steve Adams, May 13

Ari Armstrong Replies

I'm a bit more optimistic, for the following reasons. It took the ideas of Karl Marx around 50 years to really catch on in the U.S. Now, Marx's theories are dead, both practically and theoretically. The free-market movement is growing stronger. However, it will take some time for these ideas to change the course of politics. I think the intellectual trends are positive, but the political trends have not yet caught up.

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