The Funeral of Reason

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The Funeral of Reason

by Jeff Wright, May 26, 2004

"The tyranny of the ignoramuses is insurmountable and assured for all time" -- Albert Einstein

"Perhaps the universe is nothing but an equilibrium of idiocies." -- George Santayana

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." -- President Theodore Roosevelt.

We are in trouble indeed.

The marriage of television and propaganda may well have been the funeral of reason. Television and Propaganda exercised within a country where 70 percent believe in angels, 50 percent believe Saddam Hussein was responsible for taking down the WTC, and more than half reject 150 years of scientific research concluded since "Origin of Species." It's pretty easy to see where this is headed. There are very few paying attention.

We now live in a period when a Toby Keith comes along and defines American foreign policy as a "boot in their ass" and the crowd wildly cheers for more.

Even worse, we are left to the moral and intellectual decrepitude of the Democratic Party to define an incredible opposition. Meanwhile the Republicans find it impossible to stifle the roar of the Neocons as they drown out everything else in the Party.

It could be trumpeted a thousand times that none of the stated reasons for invading Iraq had any credibility and have been demonstrably disproved and it wouldn't matter to a nation that has been trained to be deaf to its real role in the world. Colin Powell's UN briefing looks like a comic routine if played now. But now it doesn't matter either. We're in Iraq and we'll be there until well past 2000 are dead and 10,000 wounded. It has all been done for the "American Way," whatever the hell that is anymore. The citizens of this country seem to exist in a giant black hole of contradiction, apathy, and totally self-absorbed complacency.

Has anyone except the American parents and close relatives of those soldiers envisioned the actual deaths and maiming of our younger fellow citizens? As their bodies exploded, fell out of the sky, drowned, were shredded, blown apart and were sliced and crushed? Or, of the thousands of parents and relatives of by-standing Iraqis that have suffered a similar fate burying their relatives and neighbors since March 18, 2003? Has anyone out there seen a single report on the deaths of Iraqi civilians since March, 2003? Does anyone even care in this country why the death toll of Iraqis is NEVER REPORTED? Are those folk sub-human? Were those deaths "better" at the hands of the ones from across the ocean instead of their own dictator? Do they somehow deserve to die because we had to go "free" them?

We are more obsessed with finding a way to remove excess fat, getting a make over, who makes it on the next "Survivor," did Ryan and what's-her-name have great sex, or telling people where they can smoke in public, then contemplating what those Soldiers and Iraqi civilians dying everyday mean to us. We e-mail pictures of flags and tributes to tell each other "we care." But, we simply don't care. Our government keeps us busy paying taxes to fund

To care means everyone is responsible for actually, fully thinking through their position and how they arrived at it. Then defending that position. But that is obviously not happening. One cannot defend the indefensible. So we play follow the leader. Meanwhile, the blood and treasure being expended in this 'Great' American cause just rolls along because GWB says it needs to and Congress applauds. Does anyone even remember Afghanistan?

After the next election there likely will not be a Democratic Party that means anything at all, except as a nexus where all the whining simps of the country go to convene in their joint misery.

George W. Bush and the Neocons will have their way with us in any position they please. CALEA and PATRIOT Act, the War on Terror, Drugs, States, TSA, DEA, FBI, IRS, ATF, FDA, FCC, FRB, the SS, NRO, HSA, NSA, CIA and the rest will continue, unabashed, in their single-minded assault on the Freedoms and Liberties of this country and others. The War on Everything must be fed. And so it will, to the tune of $Trillions.

It is certain that those folk (our "leaders") sincerely believe they know what is right for the country and the rest of us are idiots. They are exactly what we are today. There needs to be a point soon where Toto pulls back the curtain and reveals the man who is working the levers. If not, please tell me what exactly is happening to America that is really good right now? Oh yeah, does anyone even remember this started out being about Osama Bin Laden?

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