Bruce Earns Highest Vote at Assembly

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Bruce Earns Highest Vote at Assembly

by Steve Gresh, May 2, 2004

The El Paso County Republican Assembly was held at the World Arena in Colorado Springs May 1. 337 precinct delegates voted for El Paso County Commissioner, District 2.

Douglas Bruce received 147 votes (43.6%). Margaret Radford, a member of the Colorado Springs city council, received 98 votes (29.1%). Bernie Herpin, President of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition, received 75 votes (22.3%). George Ross received 17 votes (5.0%).

Since Bruce was the only candidate to receive at least 30% of the votes cast, no other Republicans will be on the August primary ballot unless they complete a petition process which involves the collection of signatures of voters in District 2. Both Radford and Herpin are eligible to use this process since they received at least 10% of the votes cast. A recent report in The Gazette indicated that another candidate, James Day, has already started collecting signatures. Since his name did not appear on the ballot at the Assembly, he is not precluded by the 10% rule from using the petition process.

I recall reading that one Democrat has also announced his candidacy. As far as I know, no Libertarians or any others have announced their candidacies for Commissioner District 2.

Considering that District 2 is one of the most Republican districts in one of the most Republican counties in Colorado, which is now a very Republican state (with Republican majorities in the State House and State Senate, a Republican governor, two Republican U.S. Senators, and five Republican U.S. representatives out of seven total), the Republican candidate for El Paso County Commissioner District 2 is practically guaranteed to win the general election in November and join four other Republicans on the five-member El Paso County Commission.

Bruce, the well-known author of Article X, Section 20, a.k.a. The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, of the Colorado Constitution, has attracted an eclectic group of supporters who have assisted him in his campaign, endorsed him, or indicated their support for his candidacy.

Douglas will be traveling to Guatemala next week to discuss ideas related to the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. It seems that passions for freedom and desires to bind government by the chains of a constitution are not limited to 147 precinct delegates in Colorado's El Paso County District 2.

In liberty,
Steve Gresh
VP of the CO chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus

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