Freedom Updates: February 10, 2004

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Freedom Updates: February 10, 2004

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Band of Libertarians
Deb Hamm reviewed a February 8 property-rights rally at the State Capitol. In an e-mail sent out the next day, Hamm noted Channel 2 covered the event and interviewed her and Jessica Peck Cory. Those working to Save Arvada's Lake are defending the property rights of all Coloradans.

On February 8, the Denver Post published an article describing a weekend event featuring speakers from the Institute for Justice. Scott Bullock from the Institute told the paper, "Drain a private lake to build a Wal-Mart? That's going a bit far with eminent domain."

The paper continued, "Christopher Duerksen, Denver principal for Clarion Associates development consultants... warned that anti-eminent-domain activists would 'strip local governments of basic powers,' calling them 'a band of libertarians who would substitute their judgment for that of elected government'."

A band of libertarians. Play it, brother.

It is Duerksen who has substituted his own narrow greed for the fundamental principles of justice. Elected officials are supposed to protect people's property, not engage in outright theft.

RMGO Fights for Vermont-Style CCW
A February 7 e-mail from Rocky Mountain Gun Owners relates, "This Tuesday, the House State Affairs Committee will hear HB1281, State Rep. Greg Brophy's 'Colorado Freedom to Carry Act.' It's a Vermont/Alaska concealed carry bill, and it is by FAR the most pro-gun bill ever offered in Colorado."

RMGO notes Representative Bill Sinclair is a member of the committee and pledged to support a Vermont-style law. We'll see how he votes.

RMGO made the case for the bill: "While Colorado has recently passed a new law requiring sheriffs to issue concealed handgun permits under certain conditions, another state has taken a bolder approach to freedom. The Alaska legislature passed, and their Governor signed, a law that keeps its concealed handgun permit process in place but allows law-abiding citizens to carry concealed without any hurdles.

"As expected, the permitting process is extremely expensive. Virtually every sheriff in Colorado charges the maximum $100 fee, plus $30.50 for the CBI NICS check and statewide fingerprint check (some counties charge more). Permit applicants must also pay for specific handgun training, which ranges from $500 to $75, with the average being around $125. This doesn't even consider the cost of the handgun itself and the holster to hold it. All of this expense is merely to practice your rights to self defense...

"This bill does nothing to the existing permit system (passed in the 2003 Legislative Session), it's government-mandated training provision, nor does it affect permit holders, now or in the future..."

The simple truth of the matter is that the current CCW system registers gun owners with the government. Thus, many gun owners are understandably reluctant to get a permit. This means that Colorado's streets are less safe, because criminals do not face as great a risk that potential victims will be armed. Unfortunately, the costs of the permit hurt mostly the poor, some of whom are already at greater risk of victimization. Watch this vote, and remember.

Jeffco LP Meets
The Libertarian Party of Jefferson County sent out the following notes early today: "At the JeffCo LP's February meeting, State Chair Norm Olsen told attendees how they can find out what the state legislature is up to... [Y]ou can become the new Legislative Director for the JeffCo LP and act as a liaison to state LP Legislative Director Paul Tiger... Norm pointed out that one bill currently under consideration would remove the political exemption from the No-Call list. If this bill, designated SB04-085, passes, it would prohibit political parties from contacting their own members for outreach, fundraising, notification or any other purpose... In other news, JeffCo Outreach Director Rand Fanshier told attendees to watch for a new LP bus bench ad near the corner of Wadsworth and Colfax."

The e-mail also described plans to assist Travis Nicks, the LP candidate for Arapahoe County Clerk. As of this morning, no further action was listed on the state's web page pertaining to SB-85.

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