Nicks, Baker to Debate on KBDI

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Nicks, Baker to Debate on KBDI

[The press release issued by the Travis Nicks campaign is followed by additional information about the election.]

Elect Travis Nicks
Tuesday, February 03, 2004

For Immediate Release

Tracy Baker debates Travis Nicks on KBDI-TV
Travis Nicks offers to make Democrat Chief Deputy
Nicks to hire the best and brightest

ARAPAHOE COUNTY: Yesterday, Travis Nicks and Tracy Baker debated on "The Aaron Harber Show" on KBDI Channel 12. The show has been recorded for airing on Friday, February 20th, at 9:30 pm, and Sunday, February 22nd, at 2:00 pm.

There were three debaters: Mr. Nicks (Libertarian); Mr. Baker (a Republican being recalled), and a write-in candidate (Democrat).

The Democrat listed her superb credentials. Mr. Nicks pointed out that the Democrat is not on the ballot and has no chance of winning but that in a gesture of multi-partisanship he made the unilateral and unconditional offer to make her his Chief Deputy.

Mr. Nicks said, "I will hire the best and the brightest no matter what political affiliation he or she may have. I want the voters to know the I will design this office from the ground up for efficiency and impartiality."

In a measure of arrogance so typical of modern political campaigns (and reminiscent of Mr. Baker's hasty withdrawal from the recently-aired Peter Boyles show on TV), the invited [replacement for the Republican candidate] did not show up. A short video clip of her empty chair was amusing, poignant, and telling.

On this show Mr. Baker announced that all of his skeletons were out of the closet -- thus tacitly admitting that there were skeletons in his closet: a conclusion utterly obvious to the voters.

Media Contact:
Ralph Shnelvar

Media coverage of the election to recall Tracy Baker, and replace him with a new Arapahoe County Clerk, has been extensive.

On February 4, the Rocky Mountain News published the following letter by Apryl Carlson: "Recently I turned to Colorado Inside Out with Peter Boyles on KBDI-Channel 12 anticipating the advertised debate between Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Tracy Baker and the Libertarian candidate, Travis Nicks. Baker didn't show (what a surprise). Then I learned that the Republican candidate, Nancy Doty had also been offered the opportunity to appear in the debate and had declined. The only candidate concerned enough about this election to show up for a debate was the Libertarian. He won my vote."

On February 5, the Denver Post published a story by George Merritt that reported, "Rivals of Nancy Doty, a Republican candidate for county clerk, say they are furious about her use of a virtual duplicate of the county's logo on her campaign literature. The letterhead in a recent Doty mailing features an icon with a profile of an American Indian on it. The icon is nearly identical to the one on the official Arapahoe County logo." Both Kathleen Conway, a write-in Democratic candidate, and Tracy Baker, the scandal-plagued sitting Republican clerk, criticized Doty's use of the image. Travis Nicks told Merritt, "This is a clear example of how they think they can do anything with county property. It may seem small, but it shows their attitude... It is just like the way the incumbent upgraded hotel rooms on a county trip... It may not be illegal, but it is unethical."

On the same day, the Rocky also published an article by Jim Tankeresley titled, "Getting zapped for vote: Clerk's recall election $100,000 pricier after batteries for voting machines lose juice." The article reported, "Arapahoe County will spend an extra $100,000 on Tracy Baker's recall election, because nobody bothered to charge the batteries in county voting machines. County commissioners blame Baker, the clerk and recorder, who oversaw the machines as they sat unplugged and their power seeped away. Baker blames commissioners, saying they took away his ability to charge the machines by placing an elections worker on administrative leave."

The recall will cost taxpayers over $400,000, the paper reported. Of course, Baker was already facing intense criticism at the time of his election, yet some Republican leaders supported him just so their party could control the position.

-- Ari Armstrong

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