Lamping Proposes National Libertarian Coordinated Campaign

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Lamping Proposes National Libertarian Coordinated Campaign

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November 14, 2003
Contact: Richard Lamping, 970.379.8448

Libertarian Consultant to Propose
Strategy Formula at State Convention

ASPEN -- Libertarian candidates have a new campaign method to promote themselves in the next election cycle. Activist and consultant Richard Lamping will unveil his proposal formally at the Colorado Libertarian Convention in May. He calls the project the National Libertarian Coordinated Campaign (NLCC).

"The purpose of the NLCC is to advance the 'wedge issues' in federal campaigns around the United States," Lamping said.

Lamping took his lead from Dr. Nathanial Branden, who stated the issues in order of priority during his speech to The Freedom Summit in Phoenix:

1) Establish a Flat Federal Income Tax
2) Privatize Social Security
3) End the War on Drugs

Lamping intends to propose and defend these issues, asserting that if championed by candidates far and wide, they can provide the growth and media exposure the Libertarian Party needs to flourish, and become an even greater force for good policy. He also asserts that, in general, Libertarians hold the higher ground and dominate political discourse when they focus on these issues.

Lamping said candidates participating in the NLCC will receive campaign consulting over the phone and via e-mail, literature and other campaign materials. Contributors to the NLCC will have a much greater likelihood of noticing their funds at work, and being encouraged to become more active in the future.

"We want to drive a polished, consistent message to the voters," Lamping said. "In this way, Libertarian candidates have a greater chance at success, and a network of support to ease the political burnout many candidates experience."

Lamping said the NLCC will be supporting campaigns with ready-made signs, literature, press releases, media and strategy. By coordinating campaigns, Lamping believes the candidates will be able do their most important job, campaign.

"There isn't a question anymore of how to campaign," Lamping said, "or what literature to hand out, or even what to say to potential voters. We agree to do it together."

The NLCC will encourage candidates for federal office to agree to campaign on the three reform measures above. Lamping said funds will be raised for campaigns based on a commitment to promote these changes to federal law, and to draft and vote for such legislation if elected.

The NLCC will ship literature and campaign materials based on a structured time-line, so each campaign is working together with other campaigns in different parts of the country. "We will synchronize our efforts and our message," Lamping said.

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