Letters to the Editor, November 20, 2003

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Letters to the Editor, November 20, 2003

On a Free Wyoming and Simple Living

Re: Boston & FSP Wyoming.

I'm one of the FSP'ers that put NH next to last. It was Wy, Mt, Id for me, or stay put.

FSP'ers should consider pooling money to buy 35 plus acre plots of land, and build some sustainable communities. That much land would allow a good degree of privacy for each home, and still have like minded people close by. Homes would be off-the-grid, free of those "curious" blackouts. An Earthship community outside Taos has over 30 homes now, that share the balance of the land as "open space."

Having just purchased 5 acres (I was not moving back east!), I will have workshops (headed by people who have been building these homes for years) for people to come and learn how to build their own home! I expect to get started next spring or summer. They will not be free, but how important is it to spend a week or two to learn, than to spend the rest of your life paying the bank and energy barons, so they can live off the grid for the rest of their lives? Like Dubya, who has "bunker" with 25,000 gal water storage, solar power, etc... He seems to have a "do as I say, not as I do" energy policy.

I'm convinced that this is the best, and most inexpensive way to live, whether you're an fsp'er or not, especially since many libertarians seem to be "poor and jobless." Maybe I'm wrong on that. But there are few better ways to begin living a free life than to build it from the ground up, yourself. I'll document the build at http://www.DeadRedCrab.com(building). Solar, wind, water cache/well, organic gardens and farm animals. Home based businesses with little to no need to commute. What beauty, what simplicity... what Freedom!

As a publisher and photographer of sustainable and alternative home calendars, I've already seen a dozen or so varieties, and have slept, ate and bathed in them. Who knows, maybe I'll build this one, sell or rent it out and begin again in Wyoming.

By the way, I offer my services to build the website for the "Wyoming Free State."

Deb Hamm, November 4, 2003

Free Your City

Hello Ari,

It was just yesterday that I got around to reading "Plugged In"... and you managed to inspire me to do something. What a great idea [about web pages to promote liberty at the locla level], especially since I'm not one for belonging to organizations...

I'm willing to build a website for Westminster, and may be able to attend some town meetings, but spending that many hours per week is a lot for me. I'm not much for "tracking politics" and may need a bit of guidance for that, but I can at least get it started. I can build the website and get it up very soon along with images and an article or two, to introduce the site and get the ball rolling. And print out some info to distribute in my neighborhood.

Maybe I'm pissed off enough to actually do something. I may not be in Westminster for too much longer, but once this gets going, someone else can take on the legwork.

I will make the site a template, so it can be used for other cities. All one would need to do is get the domain and other pertinent info to me, as well as images and articles. I can maintain the sites and upload images and articles. Actually, I'm already in contact with a friend who, I think, can get domain names at a bulk price. So anyone interested would need to request one fairly soon, if there is any intention of doing this. I will pay for one, but will expect the other domains to be paid for by the person(s) responsible for the content. Eventually, I would expect a small compensation for each site, to cover the time spent.

Thanks Ari!
Deb Hamm, November 3, 2003


As per your inspiration... websites for both www.freearvada.com and www.freewestminster.com should go online in a day or two. I considered a number of names, but ended up sticking with what would be easy for people in each town to remember, if they can be kept consistent.

The sites will request contributing writers, articles, etc... and will look similar to yours (since it's your idea - I hope you don't mind). The "blighted" area in Arvada, slated for eminent domain and "increment tax financing" for a Walmart is the first item on Arvada Freedom Report agenda, and includes images.

Anyone wishing to do the same for their town can contact me to get more info and buy domains at a very nominal price (no profit). I can set up the site(s) with a template and upload provided information, so there will be similarity and consistency. It will also be easier and cheaper to manage. Just offering an option for those who want to be involved in their towns but don't have the skills, or time, to design and maintain a site.

Free Your City!
Deb Hamm, November 19, 2003

A Lull Before the Storm?


Howdy! I recently read your review on the [Freedom Summit] and thought it was well done. I normally don't reply to many things; however, as a fellow attendee, I thought I'd respectfully write a brief "letter to the editor" with my take on things. I'm cc'ing to Steve as he was there as well.

Basically you wrote how you think that the folks there were cynical and you are much more upbeat and positive for the future. That is fine and I hope you are right. However, I thought the folks there were actually quite realistic about the current and future state of freedom in the U.S. I find absolutely no indication that the movement is even treading water, much less making any kind of progress or even growing (not to mention that LP members spend most of their time fighting with each other).

The whole reason my wife and I packed up and moved to parts north (if you remember we briefly talked about this at the FS) is to take advantage of this last lull before the storm to go disappear and hope we can be left alone and go unnoticed when it hits because the full blown police state is almost sure to be here in probably less than ten years. If we even have that long. I certainly respect your take on things and give much credit to folks that still want to vote, be active, and work towards a peaceful change. I did it for awhile and know it isn't easy. However I think the freedom lovers that are serious have realized that it is an exercise in futility and the game is over so it is time for other measures. Any questions or comments by all means let me know.

John Gurley, November 17, 2003

Ari Armstrong replies: I actually thought there was quite a lot of optimism at FS, despite the slightly more cynical edge. Certainly a lot of trends today are frightening. At the same time, though, the liberty movement is growing and becoming more influential. So there's good reason to hope, I think.

Notes About Local Building Rules

Jerry VanSicke's approach has a good kern idea. That kernel is voicing opinion and providing insight to the elected officials and the general public. Unfortunately, common sense and a sense of justice isn't part of the kernel; element of greed and power rules over common sense and justice. Property owners want the most home for their buck.

Developers are currently unwilling to pay the extra expense for their fair share of the buffer area - they want the adjoining commercial property owner to absorb the entire cost.

City is a silent partner, they want the houses to be built so more revenues will pour in to the city treasury. They also know once the houses are occupied the adjoining land will be more attractive to commercial developers which means more money flowing into the city treasury.

An easy way to eliminate the constant fights between residential home owners and developers is to have buyers sign a contract, before making an offer to buy, in which they state they understand the adjoining property owner has a right to cut down their trees and build a super Wal-Mart or whatever fits within the zoning code. Buyer Beware Policy.

Richard Prawdzienski, November 14
Edmond, OK
Home of the Wal-Mart controversy

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