Letters to the Editor: October 29, 2003

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Letters to the Editor: October 29, 2003

Rights Up in Smoke

First of all I would like to thank the Colorado Freedom Report for the article "Individual Freedom... Up in Smoke." It put into words, what I've been trying to write since my home town of Greeley begun the discussion of anti-smoking legaslation.

Greeley's Question 201 now is more than a threat, it is on the ballot, and has the endorsements of the Greeley Tribune and Banner Health/North Colorado Medical Center. Along side of Greeley's love of copying real cities is the fact that the majority of smokers in Greeley are students at UNC who are from out of town, and not registered to vote in Greeley.

This is so scary to me, cause I am an employee at a locally owned restaurant, The Beetle Beanery, who, since it opened, has advertised itself as Smoker Friendly, and as such, has come to rely on the business of recreational smokers. Two years ago I was out of work for four months before I got this job, and I have tried to find work elswhere since, it is nearly impossible to find any other good work for someone like myself. And I know that as soon as a smoking ban would be in effect, my business is as good as gone.

Rather than sit back and wait for unemployment, the owner of the Beetle Beanery and I have begun a flyering campaign to get the hidden and logical truths about the proposed ban out to the general public. We also have scheduled a "Smoke-In" at the Beetle Beanery November 1st, in hopes of spreading the word. At the moment we haven't been able to drum up much support. We have talked to the president of the Greeley Restaurant Association, who didn't seem to take a stand, but did give us a couple of other small businesses who are as scared as we are. We do also no that the Chamber of Commerce is on our side, even though we haven't been able to reach the man we need to talk to in order to get something organized with them.

What I ask of you is permission to use quotes from the "Individual Freedom... Up in Smoke" artical in our flyers. I found the artical so straight forward, and logical, that it is to me the best writing I have read on the issue yet. I hope that such concise wording could help our cause. If I can get permission to use the quotes, and if you let me know who or what you want the quotes credited to it would be a great aid to the fearful business owners and hospitality workers in Greeley.

P.S. With the battle also raging in Summit County, if you hear of anyone organizing a fight there I would love to share with them our work here, I'm am more than happy to help for freedom anywhere.

Thank you for listening

-- Matthew P. Ronne, October 16

[Note: The cited article was released by the Libertarian Party of Colorado and reproduced by the Colorado Freedom Report.]

Tax-N-Spend Party


I've been following your efforts on the net and in several newspapers. Also, thank you, Penn, and Doug for your hard work.

If left unabated, the tax-n-spend crowd will crush the middle class in their quest to be our overlords and master parents. The rich buy tax loop holes and government welfare for pennies on the dollar; and the poor never had it to pay in the first place. It's gotten so bad I can't tell the difference between an "elephant in a donkey's suit" from a "donkey in an elephant's suit."

-- Bill Jambura, October 24, 2003

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