Letters to the Editor: October 14, 2003

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Letters to the Editor: October 14, 2003

Borchert's Litmus Test


Interesting responses to NH as the 'free state'... Unfortunately, I find myself mostly in agreement with Jeff Wright -- most Libertarians (and most libertarians) refuse to do the work of building liberty, either personal or societal. When I ask for a show of hands at libertarian get-togethers in answer to my litmus test for commitment to liberty, few, if any hands come up. For a true libertarian, the answer to the question, "Do you have a suitable major-caliber rifle and the skill to hit (reliably) a man sized target at a minimum of a half-kilometer?" is a resounding, "Hell, yes!". Only if we are ready to fight effectively for our freedom will we have a chance of achieving it without violence.

John West's parting thoughts are interesting. Does he mean that we should stop short of civil war (in the event of the Free State Project's failure), even if it means meekly boarding the cattle cars taking us to the new American Gulag? Or does he believe (as I do) that a third American Revolution is preferable to the long, dark night of the coming tyranny and that a non-violent victory would be even better? One way or the other, we seem destined the find out if the third time really is charmed...

In Liberty,
Milt Borchert, October 13, 2003

Jury Rights


EXCELLENT article about jury nullification.

I also support the concept and its implementation.

I do believe that Paschall was stupid in distributing a book with so many religious references. We do have separation of church and state in this country and as an atheist, I deplore any linkage.

Please keep up the good writing.

--Dave Barnes, October 10

Court Fees


In a recent debate between Joe Johnson and yourself Joe said that no one had been able to come up with a voluntary method of paying for reasonable levels of government in a free society which he found to be "a good answer". Actually, one method that I found to be reasonable was proposed by Ayn Rand in 1964 in her book "The Virtue of Selfishness". It involves voluntary registration of contracts with courts and associated (reasonably minimal) fees.

While that might not be the best or the final solution, it does show a reasonable answer and a good starting point.

Keith Hamburger, October 7

City Papers


I've been busy and away, so it's taken me awhile to catch up on emails. Your article about our propaganda newspapers for the NW burbs was especially good. I have been incensed by these papers, both of which I've been receiving for quite awhile. I do agree that they are a way to view just how our "reperesentatives" work their "majik." And how they feel about their constituency and opposing views? Zip, nada, don't give a damn! They go about their business as if we were non-existent, and most of us are (evidenced by our apathy)... feeling helpless in a land where corporate welfare is rampant, and citizens have few real remedies. If our votes don't count, what is a citizenry to do?

I suggest that you run for office (I'm way too angry at our state of the state... 'er country). You would make a perfect candidate! I would offer my services to see you elected!

Deb Hamm, September 26

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