Flex Your Rights Releases Police-Encounter Video

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Flex Your Rights Releases Police-Encounter Video

[This material was released in October 2003 by Flex Your Rights.]

SUBJECT: Protect Yourself from the Police!

A new movie just came out that every libertarian should have a copy of to review often and show to their friends. It's called BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters.

Most of the over 1 million consensual crime arrests last year could have been avoided if people new how to properly assert their rights. Every defense attorney says that you should NEVER consent to a search. Yet over 90% of us consent when asked. That's because police have much more training and practice in getting us to waive our rights than we have in protecting them. Every time someone says "NO" to a search request it sends a clear message that we will not let the government walk all over us.

BUSTED shows you how the laws differ in various situations and it exposes the verbal tricks and intimidation tactics that police use. BUSTED uses top-notch actors to realistically recreate the pressure and confusion. Most importantly, it teaches you how to react confidently without inflaming the situation.

Get prepared for your next police encounter by ordering a copy TODAY!

BUSTED is produced by the Flex Your Rights Foundation and made possible by a grant from the Marijuana Policy Project. It is directed by award-winning filmmaker Roger Sorkin and narrated by retired ACLU Executive Director Ira Glasser.

If you've ever been stopped and searched by the police, you know how humiliating it feels to be forced to sit and wait like a child while strangers with guns tear through your personal belongings. But that could be just the beginning of your ordeal.

Visit http://www.flexyourrights.org/support.html and donate $35 or more, and FYR will send you a copy for free! If you donate $100 or more, they will send you 3 copies in time for the holidays. Giving BUSTED as a gift could turn out to be one of the most valuable gifts your loved ones have ever received. NOTE: Make sure you type "COFREE" in the field that asks how you heard about Flex Your Rights.

Your donation will help in another vital way. FYR is looking to spark a nation-wide trend of people refusing search requests. The first step is to get 100,000 people to view the film in the first year. Your purchase of BUSTED and willingness to show it to your friends is important to that goal. It also helps FYR raise the $50,000 they need by December to launch an aggressive national media campaign, an outreach effort to community groups, and a targeted advertising campaign.

Please visit http://www.flexyourrights.org/support.html TODAY to make a generous donation and get prepared to Flex Your Rights.

Advance Praise for BUSTED:

"BUSTED provides effective instruction in how to benefit from basic constitutional rights. It deserves wide distribution." -- Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist

"This is what I have been waiting for: an entertaining yet informative instructional video that brings our inalienable rights to life. Everybody who loves freedom should support this groundbreaking project." -- Steve Dasbach, Former National Director of the Libertarian Party

"Busted instructs people to be respectful of law enforcement which may help in avoiding unnecessary confrontations" -- Art Olivier, former mayor, Bellflower, CA and 2000 Libertarian VP Candidate

"If enough people see BUSTED, it will alter the balance of power on America's streets forever." -- Nora Callahan, Executive Director, November Coalition

"BUSTED makes an important contribution toward transforming the Constitution's paper promises into real rights for real people."-- Nadine Strossen, president of the ACLU

"By clearly explaining and vividly illustrating the dynamics of encounters with the police, BUSTED should help people keep their calm -- and their freedom." -- Jacob Sullum, Senior Editor Reason Magazine, Author of Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use

"Chronic disregard for civil rights is tearing apart the fabric of America. Flex Your Rights has hit the nail on the head in this hard hitting instructional video." -- Mike Gray, filmmaker, Author of Drug Crazy

"Parents, teachers, and concerned citizens should use BUSTED to protect people from the greatest harm of using marijuana -- arrest." -- Robert Kampia, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project

"We should not be put in the position of trying to protect individuals from themselves, because that is when we police start violating people's constitutional rights." -- Jack A. Cole, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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