Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2003

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Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2003

American Culture


I just read "What's Wrong with American Culture?" and was quite moved by it. This is exacrlty how I feel, and I'm not sure that I have ever seen it expressed so well before. I have always believed that a libertarian approach to life was the most rational, and this is because it has the highest probability of leading civilization to the heights of which you speak. I am not in this for the short-term, and a life of two to three hundred years sounds like a nice beginning...

Thanks again,

Jeffrey J. Oliver, June 20

Guns and Crime


I'd love to see any real research you have that demonstrates that responsible gun ownership reduces violent crime. I'm not anti-gun... but I question that conclusion. In fact, I actually think it's rhetoric. Also, it's kind of convenient to qualify the statement by limiting it to only "responsible" gun ownership because it automatically excludes "irresponsible" use of a weapon (which is often then considered a crime), even if the person legally owns the weapon...


Ari Armstrong replies: Obviously, guns in the hands of criminals don't stop crime. The problem is, disarmament laws tend to impact only the peaceable, responsible citizen, not the criminal. The claim that gun ownership reduced violent crime is much more than rhetoric; it is a well-demonstrated fact. Please see Guns and the Media.

Governing Ourselves

Too many of the American people think they have entitlements and no responsibility for their safety, health and well-being.

This results from Congress lying, cheating and stealing to win votes, have power and then dole out some goodies to the ignorant and lazy while the tax payers pay for it.

Government can't do what is essential for each and every person to do for themselves.

One of the great statements ever made was allegedly made by Ronald Reagan when he took office as Governor of California. He said, "f we are not able to govern our selves; then who amongst us is able to govern others."

Russ Shaw, June 20


Ari, An excellent article about WSSA. We very much enjoyed having you as guest speaker...

Mark Spungin, June 20

Give Guns a Rest

Hey Ari, I understand and agree with what you say on guns but let's give it a rest. Lately that's all you've been talking about. It is getting old. Now I understand that this is your forum and you can do whatever you want, but there are other issues that deserve our attention. Guns are here to stay legal or not (that's why I think outlawing them would be a great disaster) so let's keep the good work and let's talk about drugs or [Ashcroft]. Thanks -- Adam A., June 22

Ari Armstrong replies:

I look forward to receiving your article about the topic of your choice. The deadline is Tuesday at midnight.

Also, to free up more of my time to expand coverage in the Colorado Freedom Report, please send your financial contribution to Box 745015, Arvada, 80006.

We're at a point in time when guns are a hot political issue, because Colorado just passed two major gun laws. These laws have prompted spirited reactions by anti-gun activists. A fireman goes to where the fire is. (I've also continued to cover all kinds of issues.) I suspect civil arms will move away from the center of public debate within a few weeks.


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