Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2003

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Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2003

Cook's $95,000 Salary

I am surprised that you mentioned Cook's leave of absence without pointing out that it is PAID, at the rate of $95,000 per year. Now it is disclosed that he has taken 30 days PAID leave in his first four months in office. See the letter below, which the Post probably won't print, but you can print on your newsletter if you wish.

Dear Editor,

I read both major metro newspapers. In your coverage of the Jefferson County sheriff's leave of absence for treatment as an alcoholic, you did not mention that taxpayers would continue to pay his $95,000 salary. Your "conservative," if anemic, competitor across the street did note that, and included a comment critical of that improper subsidy.

Why didn't the Post mention it? Was it politically incorrect? Will there be a follow-up story to ask why he ran for office last November when he knew he was a chronic boozer? Was he trying to get paid (for not working) at a higher salary level? Why did he tell the voters he was the best qualifed, when he knew it was a lie and now admits he can't do the job? How long in his 32-year career has he been ripping off taxpayers for working while intoxicated? Is someone who called himself "honest" at his press conference, but who runs for office and takes money under false pretenses, or for not working, qualified to catch (other) thieves?

His subordinates said they didn't recognize his problem. Are these the same people who enforce our driving under the influence laws? The same people who stood outside Columbine High School and waited for the massacre to stop before they felt it was safe to enter? Is a $59 million yearly sheriff's budget enough, or will the Post be advocating another tax increase? Maybe taxpayers can provide a new DARE program--Drunks Accepting Raises Everywhere.

One official said the sheriff deserved "a lot of credit." Unfortunately, he's not getting credit, he's getting cash. Lots of it. Our money. Your readers should remember this abusive spending the next time that Big Government and the Denver Post want another tax increase, or oppose a tax cut or tax refund.

Douglas Bruce, June 11

[Editor's note: A similar letter by Bruce appeared in the June 16 edition of the Rocky Mountain News. The Denver Post's editorial board more recently called for Cook's resignation.]

Libertarians Pay Their Debts


Mr. Grant's letter to freecolorado.com reminded me of a method for dealing with the deadbeat 'libertarian' customers of whom he complains. Canton Palace, a restaurant in Loveland, posts copies (enlarged) of bad checks on its 'window of shame', right at the entrance. Mr. Grant would be doing those of us who take our principles (and integrity) seriously a service by revealing the names of the self-styled 'libertarian' (prominent or otherwise) frauds publicly, so that we may shun them, just as we should shun others of known bad character (rapists, murderers, government employees, etc...). I find the idea of unknowingly associating with such scumbags distressing (like finding out the person who just shook your hand had just taken a dump and not washed up...). Just a friendly suggestion.

In Liberty,

Milt Borchert, June 11

Rick O'Shay

Hey, Ari,

They ALWAYS make the same bloody arguments for as long as I can remember. I guess that's because they know that there is a segment of society that will listen to the same rhetoric as long as they keep spouting it.

I seem to remember a comic strip that ran when I was a lad called "Rick O'Shay." A great cartoonist named Stan Lynde wrote it. It was set in a small Western town called "Conniption". It had great characters; Rick O'Shay: The Sheriff Hipshot Percussion: The local (nice guy) gunfighter. And other characters.

Well, they ran a series of strips where a local legislator (must have been a Democrat) managed to get through a local ordinance prohibiting firearms within the city limits. When the sheriff asked him why he wanted to do this, the local... gentleman (and I use the term loosely) replied: "Why, guns kill, Sheriff! No guns! No killing!"

The Sheriff's reply was; "I reckon there was a lot of killing before there were guns; it was probably just a lot less noisy."

Mike Budler, June 11

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