Libertarians Address Changes in Party

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Libertarians Address Changes in Party

The following four replies, all dated March 27, pertain to Ari Armstrong's article, Colorado Libertarians Look to Move Party Forward.

[Mike Seebeck, who currently sits on the LPCO's board of directors and writes press releases for the party, sent in the following e-mail.]


Great and informative in-depth article on the Board turnover.

Oliver may be directing criticism at me, or he may not. Hard to tell. Not knowing him, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I have told it like it is, and I stand by my writings, whether anybody agrees with them or not.

But I will ask these questions of Mr. Oliver, not out of arrogance, but simply because it is the basis of the job:

1. Can Mr. Oliver write? I can, and I know Ari can. Part of the job is to be articulate and be very careful in what is written. I have serious reservations about almost anybody except a select few doing the job and in doing so not making the LPCO step in it later. That isn't to say I'm perfect at it, because I'm not, but I wonder if he has the technical grasp of vocabulary and the language to write exactly what needs to be written in exactly the way in needs to be written. Politics has as much wordsmithing in it as anything, and we need press releases that are not only wordsmithed properly but also timely. It's a fine balance, and not one to be taken lightly.

2. Does Mr. Oliver understand what it takes to update the media database and cultivate media relations? Trust me, he will find out very quickly if he doesn't. More time is spent on that than actual press releases, and that is the grunt work of the job that nobody sees.

I have my own reservations about this proposed new Board. I feel that Norm Olsen's leadership may be too lasseiz-faire for what should be active leadership, I have my doubts about some but not all of the Board candidates that I do know, and I confess no knowledge of the ones I don't know. But I also know that the affiliates will be watching with a jaundiced eye.

As for the bylaws proposals, they are designed to shore up a ton of loopholes that currently exist and mainly affect the Board and it operations, with some side stuff affecting candidates and affiliates. The proposals will be in the convention kits for each attendee, and I will forward you an e-copy of what passed and what didn't after the convention.


[Jeff Oliver sent in the following e-mail in response to a querry.]


I apologize for not responding to your e-mail sooner, but things have been kind of hectic around here. I just read your piece "Libertarians Look to Move Forward" and want to thank you for your even-handed consideration of our approach to the election of a more functional BoD for the LPCO.

I'm not sure that I can convey any exceptional qualifications for Pub Info director; however, I did run my own technical writing business for awhile, and am, I think, somewhat better with the written word than most. To my inexperienced mind, there are two types of press releases: strategic and tactical. Strategic releases should be designed to support other events or legislation, and contribute to a co-ordinated plan to gain public attention, acceptance, or recognition. Tactical releases are designed to defend the party or candidates from attack by other parties or their agents. Let's hope we don't need too many of those.

As fas ar Libertarian philosophy goes, I have thought about these issues deeply. I have arrived at the conclusion that Libertarian political philosophy is not only the most rational approach to providing a structure for intercourse between freely acting individuals, but that there may be a way to factor these ideas back to first principles, and therefore to arrive at a formal proof of why this approach is rational. Oh well, maybe some day (who knows, maybe there's a Nobel prize in there somewhere)!

To close, let me say that I appreciate the effort you have provided to the party in the past, the great effort you have invested in the Colorado Freedom Report, and whatever generous support you may provide in the future.

Thanks again,
Jeffrey J. Oliver

[Tony Ryan also sits on the board. He wrote the following March 27.]

Ari; I'm trying to read this while at work and find it a little wordy to get through all at once. Oh, well!

For the most part, I agree with your comments re:the "full slate" group candidacy for the board of LPCO.

A couple of those whom you seem to be uneasy about may deserve a chance to "show their stuff". Yes, they were embroiled in some nasty exchanges last fall but, wasn't nearly everybody who was/is actually active? To my way of thinking, there was one catalyst that was central to most of those exchanges - he whose name is not to be repeated (did you forget? - just kidding).

As for the one you talked about most - I fully agree. A truly loose cannon! She could only do extreme damage and be little to the board if not devisive. It surprises me that the rest of the slate considers her.

But, remember, they are all volunteers who will get no pay. Just, perhaps, the satisfaction of accomplishing something for real freedom in this country.

Tony Ryan

[Steve Gallant, who is running for the position of Publications Director, sent in the following comments.]


For the time being, the newsletter and website editor positions will be voluntary. This may change if circumstances require and funding permits. As for the size and frequency of the Liberty, Gregg's answer is what we plan for now. We will definitely start with a quarterly, but the size may vary depending on content.

I just met Cory in person Tuesday night. He built the new Colorado LP website gratis, and he will have an ad for his web design business on the site. I believe he designed the Freaky's website in part or whole. He's done a great job so far. The site is up and running, and he's currently looking into the domain name.


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