LP03: Free State Project Gains Momentum

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LP03: Free State Project Gains Momentum

by Ari Armstrong, May 7, 2003

If the libertarian movement continues to grow at the same rate, James Reyes opined April 6 at the LP convention, libertarians will be able to win national elections somewhere around 2243. Of course any such projection is on par with predicting the weather for that year, but Reyes raised an important point: libertarian strategies aren't working very well. The Free State Project hopes to implement a new strategy to "concentrate our efforts into one state."

Libertarians will have to gradually move the state in a freer direction, Reyes said. Eventually, though, a free state could foster a largely libertarian society. In addition to getting rid of socialist programs at the state level, Reyes said, "we won't cooperate with the enforcement of unconstitutional laws" within the state.

Reyes admitted, "We have to be humble" in the free state with respect to the current residents. However, the states under consideration are already libertarian-leaning.

A free state could have global implications. It would be a "case study in what freedom can do for people... This is Galt's Gulch, in a way."

The Free State Project already has over 3,000 members. Once the organization has 5,000 members, they will vote on the state. Once 20,000 join, they'll start to move. Reyes described the project as "the best hope for liberty in our lifetime."

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