LP03: Presidential Hopefuls Make Their Case

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LP03 Photo Album

by Ari Armstrong, April 9, 2003

The Libertarian Party of Colorado held its state convention April 4-6 in Colorado Springs. Around 100 people attended the event. Here are some of the photographs taken there.

Presidential hopefuls Gary Nolan and Michael Badnarik shake hands after discussing their views with LP members.

Sandra Johnson and Rand Fanshier attend a suite party Friday night.

Jennifer Armstrong, David Aitken, and Joe Johnson.

Carol Geltemeyer presents the newest addition to the Libertarian family, George.

LP members enjoy dinner Saturday evening.

Desiree Hickson introduces Ralph Shnelvar.

Robert Zubrin displays a slide about one possible Mars program. He promotes a plan he calls "Mars Direct," based on off-the-shelf technology.

Ari Armstrong, Paul Gilbert, and Keith Hamburger debate vouchers and related proposals.

Vin Suprynowicz offers the keynote address Saturday evening.

Suzanne Shell explains how to protect your children from an often-abusive state bureaucracy.

James Reyes discusses the Free State Project.

Doug Wilson attempts to convince LP members they should support a ban or moratorium on death sentences.

Gregg Miller, David Aitken, Floyd Bilderback, Nathan Hickson, and Jeff Wright monitor one of the close votes for state board.

BetteRose Ryan offers the closing address for the convention.

New state chair Norm Olsen said the state board is no longer just a committee of nine. Thus, he wanted a picture that included some of the other LP members expected to help move the party forward. L-r: Paul Tiger (Legislative Director), Steve Gallant (Publications), Joe Johnson, Gregg Miller (newsletter volunteer), Mike McKinzie (Campaigns), Ralph Shnelvar, Michele Poage (Fundraising), Desiree Hickson (Media), Jeff Oliver (Treasurer), Dana Wagenhoffer, Norm Olsen (Chair), Samantha Kelly, Bo Shaffer (Records), and Rand Fanshier (Outreach).

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