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Practice Freedom to Save It

by Jeff Wright, February 26, 2003 (posted)

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Given my background, I've have never been one for conspiracy theories. Primarily because I've found it is almost impossible to get three people to agree and/or believe in one thing, much less act on it. Most of the email exchanges, chat room conversation and Letters-to-the-Editor I see are proof of that.

I think the problem gets even worse the more money and power that people have, not better. Anybody notice the world is not a very well organized enterprise right now? Doesn't seem like "they" know how to keep the New World Order in very good order.

However, it is apparent that throughout history there have been small groups of people who have come together for periods of time and sublimated their own desires, to a degree in favor of the group, to attain a common goal. Some for good, some for evil. Those small tight knit groups have been able to direct very large groups of drones, for a time, to do their bidding.

Two of the most powerful incentives are money and power. Both are existent in the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). One look at the short list of key shareholders at its founding and today reads like the "who's who" of power manipulators for the 19th and 20th centuries . Centralized currency is one of the most powerful control agents ever found. Why do you think most insiders in government consider Alan Greenspan the 2nd most powerful man in the world?

On the other hand, in ancient Rome, the Caesars found that it was easier to control the populace by keeping the games in the coliseum running for months on end. Using the simple formula of "bread and circuses" they found it was not as difficult to rule the world. But they forgot to also pay attention to the details of empire. Christianity and sloth helped each other destroy the old Roman Empire that lead to the Dark Ages. The slovenly corruption and decadence that took over soon destroyed most existent civilization from within. It took almost 800 years before civilization began to emerge into the Enlightenment. The last 300 years since has brought us to the technological and infrastructure advances we know today.

Unfortunately, in that amount of time, human behavior has evolved hardly at all. In some ways it has regressed. Those that desire to try and control the destiny of mankind know this and act on it. They love the silly and absurd debates that ensue between the righteous and the right on every issue. The Commies and the Capitalists. The enviros and the corporations. Whatever. They love the advent of inane broadcast media to entertain and dull the masses. They still know what the old Romans knew. "Bread and Circuses" keep the masses entertained, fighting and arguing between themselves and never result in any focus on who and what is actually running their lives. The sideshow simply makes it easier for the manipulators to manipulate. But nobody forces the masses to watch "Survivor," "Joe Millionaire" and the "Evening News." The poor slobs in the Soviet Union never really knew, as those here do not today, how easy they are to manipulate. Which is what lends itself to 'conspiracy theory' thinking.

If "they" (the 'A' type political controllers) have realized anything, it is that centralized monetary control coupled with heavy levels of taxation and regulation will be tolerated only as long as there is enough material wealth that "trickles down" (I love the fact that a guy named Arthur LAFFER came up with this term) to "the little guy." In the 20th Century it was discovered that communism and socialism don't work without a sufficient amount of allowed material wealth. Russia, China, Europe and the US were varied experiments that have proved that. Once the right model was discovered, the others were or are being quickly abandoned by their owners, if you noticed. Through centralized monetary control, heavily regulated and taxed corporatism and capitalism, a kind of benign socialistic control of most of the developed world may ultimately be achieved.

However, something has come out of the blue that offers us a chance. The Internet. It is now the single most important force on the planet. Decentralized information and free communication. The Internet is 'punctuated equilibrium' in motion. It allows the best and worst of mankind to use its immense power to move through stages of economic, technological and sociologic development faster there ever before. It heavily degrades away centralized control and communication mechanisms that have assisted the manipulators in the past.

Best of all it allows commerce, monetary and commodity exchange to proceed unabated by centralized control or regulation. Metal, commodity and security exchanges are proliferating globally. Many markets are moving outside of regulatory control. Notice how handicapped the government has been through both the upswing and the downswing of the last 5 years? New economic models are being built and destroyed virtually in front of our eyes.

This is the key. No one that wants to obtain or attempt to control large portions of civilization will be able to do it in the future without gaining control of large segments of the Internet. Fortunately, that will prove largely impossible due to its distributed nature. Also, they will risk destroying their own goose that laid the golden egg. As China is discovering, attempting to gain control of the Internet stops forward economic progress using it.

The debates about Terrorism, Islam, Christianity, etc. and most other topics are, at this point, fairly irrelevant. Oh, they certainly will create whorls and eddies in history and at times (like now) will result in many lives lost. However, our future, whether most realize it or not, and all freedom's hopes can be pinned on what happens with the Internet and associated technologies.

Of course, most of mankind can't see or understand that. But then, that's the point. The only debate worth anything to the future of mankind is the control and development of the Internet. It is the key to all discussions about freedom in our future. All science, commerce, politics, and other human endeavors will circle around it and use it. There will remain some practical considerations for the development of a new political model and the role of new political organizations in that. However, when looked at objectively, the Internet will be the locus. Why? Because progress for humans in all areas is based on THE COMMUNICATION OF INFORMATION in its many forms. It is therefore imperative to remember what is really important to our future and not let the subordinate and subsequent debates muddle our view. How else could one possibly explain the explosion from less than 1000 switching nodes in 1983 to over 54 million today? From zero web indexed pages in 1990 to over 3 billion today?

If we somehow lose any significant part of the Internet to centralized government control, we will lose every other argument and ultimately freedom. If you cannot see that, think a little harder. National ID, online taxation, centralized databases, email registration and routine monitoring, government-sanctioned encryption, biometric tracking, etc. What can we accomplish in a nation with 280 million people, much less globally, without an Internet totally free and open without government interference? However, governments (just like China, when threatened) may feel threatened enough and be stupid enough to attempt large-scale control.

It is central to everything we have need to accomplish in commerce, trade, thought, creativity, science, theology, virtually every endeavor outside ourselves. It is critical to the whole concept of "think globally, act locally," to "all politics are local," to every methodology of progress one can think of. One can publish recipes online and run a multi-billion dollar empire, it doesn't matter which.

Protecting the internet is one significant thing we can do as groups of individuals to protect the institution of freedom. What else can we do? Other than doing everything possible to protect the Internet, the best thing all supposedly freedom-loving people can do is actually PRACTICE FREEDOM themselves. By that is meant; ACTUALLY PRACTICE FREEDOM.

Stop talking about it. Get as far out of the existing systems as possible that we all know are failing. Then continue to convince others to do the same. As long as "they" have all of "you" trapped in the existing infrastructure, who is going to follow ? Freedom isn't free. It is hard work. And ultimately you have to do it yourself.

Don't do battle with the system unless the system starts it. Study and prepare beforehand. You can't win any other way. Many have been to tax court and traffic court and have won repeatedly acting pro se. Or in the case of traffic court, just paid small fines and walked away after tying the system into knots via a relatively lengthy jury trial for a minor infraction. It ties up the system's resources. Not even 0.5% of traffic offenses are taken to jury trial. Just 4% would bring the system to its knees. Remember, you didn't start it, they did. But if more of us were actually practicing what we preach........

You don't get it yet? Tell yourself again what bitching about concealed carry restrictions in your home town accomplishes? Or bitching about zoning laws or drug laws. Or "random" searches of vehicles for the "War on Terrorism" or Drugs or whatever? Government today practices "War on Everything." All fake laws are useless to a real freedom-lover anyway. Regardless of the fake law one can carry a firearm tomorrow and the day after. If you are pulled over, lay it on the seat in plain view. If one is a responsible and accountable citizen in their affairs, fake law is meaningless. And actual law by definition doesn't affect the law-abiding, responsible and accountable citizen.

Don't get permits to run electricity to your barn or garage, just do it. But know how to actually wire properly first. The same goes for having a driver's license, filing an income tax return, having any debt. None of the current encumbrances of the times. Don't engage in them and know how to defend yourself from government attack. New Parents? Don't get SSNs for your kids. If they have them already, refuse to give them to anyone who asks for them outside of the Social Security Administration. Demand that all others legally show their power to demand them. They can't if YOU know the actual law. Don't have numbers and don't use your kids for tax deductions. How many examples do you want?

Live pretty much just like your grandfather, as far as contact with government and the larger system is concerned. Don't worry about much of anything with regard to the system. If one is a responsible and respectful lover of freedom do what you want to do. If the government wants to have a run at us then they will initiate it and we will then fight like all get out. That is the responsibility we owe the Founders. But until then do your own thing and wait for them to come. They will try.

The PATRIOT Act and PATRIOT Act II now moving through Congress make a criminal out of virtually every American. So if you think you will escape, think again. It will not stop here. There will be PATRIOT III AND IV AND V....until this country looks just like a benign version of the Soviet Union. Eventually government is going to knock at your door to charge you with a "crime."

With enough true freedom-lovers they won't come. Because freedom-lovers also stand up for other freedom lovers. That's how this country got here and was built. So far it has worked out real well but is in decline. It has to be renewed.

Some people think you have to shout and scream at others to bring about change. Just change yourself and the world will follow. Just think what would happen if there was actually 5000 real Freedom-lovers in this state who were economically independent, had no debt, didn't obtain licenses or government sanction to do anything as individuals and practiced freedom every day? They conducted their lives to being no harm to themselves or others. Then fought like hell with the system every time they were forced to interact with it through fake laws. Five thousand people actually doing that would bring change and add to their numbers quickly. Five thousand out of 4 million citizens in the state is all it would take. However, most of the current crop of so-called freedom-lovers are not actual freedom-lovers. They are the virtual version.

What is the point of this little screed? It is tiring to see all the useless diversions. Christianity v Atheists, Freethinkers v John Birchers, Gunnies, Christian conservatives v the legalize marijuana crowd, or whatever. The Greenies and the corporations The conservative purity debates. All of it secondary and useless rhetoric and debates over who has the "right" way and having nothing to do with actually obtaining one's freedom at this time in history. Just easy ways for the 'A' type controllers to manipulate the rest.

Do any of the people in the so-called "freedom movement" actually want freedom and liberty in their lifetime? Most certainly don't act like it. They seem happier bickering over the smallest issues to death and doing nothing real. Let's start another political Party. Long live Stupidtarianism! Let's take to heart a phrase we always use against ignorant liberals and socialists: "wake up and smell the coffee!"

Some will not take kindly to this screed. That's not important. It will likely be the ones that don't honestly evaluate how true to their beliefs they are and what they are willing to do about it tomorrow. No one freedom-lover is better than another. Some just work harder at it.

It's a given that it's much harder than being the typical ignorant, sheep-of-a-citizen today. After all it's a scary world, right? Is this why we came all this way, at the expense of so many lives? So we could live in velvet-gloved tyranny, cowering in our cozy home waiting for the knock at the door? Sure satellite TV and the SUV in the driveway are nice, but hasn't the daily anxiety and fear engendered in the Prozac nation started to wear thin? Is world upheaval justified to maintain our ignorance of the truth and lack of action? Is this what "America the Free" is about?

I don't think so. But unlike your government, I'll let you decide.

The Colorado Freedom