LPCO: 1142 Fixes Wrong Problem

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LPCO: 1142 Fixes Wrong Problem

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 6th, 2003
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HB 1142 fixes the wrong problem, says LP

DENVER--According to an article by the AP which featured HB 1142's author, Republican Bill Crane, he was unhappy that he had to go through the caucus and primary system as a Republican in order to get onto the ballot when he first won office in 2000. In 2002, his Libertarian opponent simply won the nomination at the party convention by popular vote of the party membership.

Representative Crane obviously didn't like how much simpler that system is. The AP article, written by Jon Sarche, quoted him quite clearly:

"They need to put something into it and it didn't appear there was (effort). "I just want to make it fair."

So what did Mr. Crane do? He proposed HB 1142, which would, in his perception, make it "fair".

"Mr. Crane is obviously missing the point here, " said John Berntson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. "If he wants to make it 'fair', then why doesn't he propose to fix the system that made it hard on him, instead of the system that doesn't even affect him?"

"We think the real broken system is not the minor party convention system that we use, but rather the caucus/primary system that the major parties use."

Continued Berntson, "The caucus and primary system are simply a waste of candidates' time and taxpayer money. The candidates have to jump through all of these hurdles if they wear a D or R label, and it is all for naught if the candidate isn't 'anointed' by the party leadership. Their own leaders literally smear them. On the other hand, all a candidate has to do under the convention system is simply file the paperwork and secure the nomination by the party membership at the convention. The party leadership does no 'anointing', and there is no good old boy network to smear good candidates. Plus, it costs no taxpayer money, is faster, and it allows candidates to focus on the general election, instead of jumping through needless hoops."

So whom should Mr. Crane really be upset with?

"Mr. Crane should be upset with his own party! They are the ones who put that ridiculous system into place. They are the ones who made him jump through those hoops. They are the ones who made him focus on all of those extraneous matters instead of campaigning. And they are the ones who are wasting taxpayer dollars while Colorado drowns in budget shortfalls brought on by their irresponsible spending practices," answered Berntson.

"HB 1142 is a bad solution in search of a non-existent problem, while the real problem remains. Minor parties didn't cause Mr. Crane's campaign hurdles. His own party did," concluded Berntson.

The Libertarian Party opposes HB 1142 in its entirety, and joins with the Green, Natural Law, Reform, and Constitution Parties in calling for a quick end to HB 1142's wastefulness and foolishness.

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