LPCO Plans Strategy Meeting

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LPCO Plans Strategy Meeting

Hello All . . .

Congratulations to all on a good election in a most difficult year. That we did as well as we did is commendable. That we had 7 or 8 active campaigns is truly a milestone for us.

(The definition of an active campaign is a fuzzy one. The actual definition of an "active campaign" could/should be a matter for serious discussion. See below.)

Having had many active campaigns, many more not so active (yet not dormant), we have a lot of experience to build on, share, and contemplate. As suggested about a month ago, the Libertarian Party of Colorado will hold a campaign review, strategy session, and 2004 Kickoff:

5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
January 19, 2003
Country Inn & Suites
Northeast Corner, I-25 & Dry Creek Road
Light refreshments will be available.

Yours truly will officiate.

P L E A S E ! ! ! ! P L E A S E ! ! ! P L E A S E ! ! !

This is not an official meeting of the party. Only the "Party in Convention" or the Board of Directors can make official decisions. However, having been through the real wars, having spent your own money, having told your family to "buzz off" for three months, having lost your job, whatever . . .

Lets us guys and girls put our heads together, have some fun, and see where do we go from here. The meeting is intended for 2002 candidates, but of course everyone (friends, enemies, media, public) is welcome. If we get more than a handful of people, I will limit participation to members of the party .

What is the agenda?

5:00 to 6:00 --> Have some Fun
Review 2002! Each candidate reviews their campaign. What went right, what went wrong. What did the party do that didn't help. What did the party not do that would've helped (let's be reasonable now :>). Would you believe what happened to me? I'm guessing, but about 5 minutes a piece here.

6:00 to 6:45 --> Complaints / Disappointments
What is it that candidates can/should reasonably/realistically expect from the party?

7:00 to 7:45 --> Constructive Criticism
What is it that the party can/should reasonably/realistically expect from the candidates?

7:45 --> 8:?? --> Based on our experience, Let's make some changes .
What minimum criteria should the party adopt for candidacy?
What is the minimum that the party should do for a candidate?
Should the number of candidates nominated be limited?
To what number?
By what other criteria?
Do we all get behind a single candidate?
Do we use a large number of candidates to expand our outreach?
Given that election is improbable in most cases, what other objectives can a campaign shoot for?
What by-law changes, if any, should be presented to the convention for consideration? By this I suggest that if a consensus of candidates agrees that a change is appropriate, let's us guys and girls haggle it out a bit so we don't spend hours and hours at the convention haggling with each other.

See you there!

Norm Olsen
Campaign Director
Libertarian Party of Colorado

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