LP Candidates Blast Prohibition

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LP Candidates Blast Prohibition

BACKFIRING PROHIBITIONS - Joint Press Release, October 30, 2002


Tony Sileo, Colorado Libertarian Candidate for Boulder County Commissioner in District 3, maintains, "My guiding principle in office will be the elimination of government intrusions on the lives, property and independence of citizens. To mentio n one issue, that of the insane╩'War on Drugs', prohibition laws╩produce a black market bringing actual, violent crime where none previously existed." Both he and Boulder-Longmont╩Libertarian Candidate Isaac Davenport, for House sea t in HD-11, state that "Prohibition was a tremendous failure in the 1920s. We're making the same mistake now, for instance, with marijuana."

Further explains Ph.D. Davenport, "I am personally against drug use, but without the right to make poor decisions, people are not free.╩╩Limited law enforcement resources and prison space should╩be focused on dangerous criminals, not o n victimless crimes. In the area of self-defense, the right╩to bear arms has been shown in Florida and Vermont to reduce crime, so why the effort to prohibit handguns?"

Western-slope Libertarian Candidate Tim Jacobs of HD-58╩remarks on land-usage prohibition, "Hell, half of Montrose County is owned by the feds. This land produces no property tax revenue for the county. Restrictions on logging, grazing, hunting, water and recreation abound - a miserable maze of regulations and bureaucratic bumbling. Poorly trained and ill-educated agents of the BLM, DOW and NFS run about, armed to the teeth, in search of revenue. It is a quagmire, a ces spool of asininity, mismanagement and greed."

Gregg Miller, Arvadan HD-27 Libertarian Candidate, sighs, "Most government prohibitions produce unintended negative consequences. We should stop legislating morality╩and stop selling big government prohibition programs╩which overtax u s and also╩impoverish us by unbalancing the economic marketplace."


Tony Sileo: tony_sileo@yahoo.com

Isaac Davenport: http://www.lpboulder.com/candidates/davenport/

Tim Jacobs: www.westernslopelp.org

Gregg Miller: grejmark@yahoo.com

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