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The Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition leadership has endorsed Ed Jones for State Senate District 11.

When Libertarian candidate Jeff McQueen heard of this, he was shocked: "I certainly thought that a group which stands so strongly for their Second Amendment rights would endorse my campaign, as I am the only candidate in District 11 who stands for the absolute necessity of the right to keep and bear arms."

"It is a fact that Ed Jones is for gun control. He voted as a County Commissioner against the right of the people to keep and bear arms, despite the guarantees of both the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions," continued McQueen. "It is interesting that a group so dedicated to preserving their gun rights finds themselves unable to follow their own principles when choosing a candidate to represent them."

"Clearly, choosing Ed Jones as their candidate is a compromise. Our rights are not up for compromise! They are absolute and worth defending! To compromise a right is to invalidate that right!" exclaimed McQueen. "In this era where our rights are under constant assault, and where compromise of rights is considered politics as usual, the last defenders of our rights align themselves into groups such as the Libertarian Party or the PPFC. These groups are only as strong as their principles."

"I call on the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition to stand beside our principles by refusing to compromise them. I am the only candidate that absolutely refuses to compromise our firearms. Now is the time to stand together, united in our principles," concluded McQueen. "I ask you to vote to protect your gun rights on Tuesday by voting for Jeff McQueen for State Senate District 11."

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 28th, 2002


The latest round of mudslinging has begun in the State Senate 11 race, with special interest groups and the major parties launching a new series of radio and television ads aimed at trashing the reputations of Republican Ed Jones and Democrat Tony Marino.

When Libertarian Jeff McQueen listened to these new ads, he had heard too much.

"Enough is enough! This is politics as usual, which is exactly why I am running!" exclaimed McQueen. "How many times do we have to be told that Ed Jones has a history of tax deficiencies? How many times do we have to be told where Tony Marino sends his kids to school? Why can't my fellow candidates spend this time and energy researching the issues?"

"It is long past due to call a truce and get back to the issues," declared McQueen. "We have seen ads left and right that talk about everything BUT the issues. I have asked Ed Jones twice how he plans to pay for his laundry list of new government programs, and I have yet to hear an answer."

Short of an armistice, McQueen would settle for votes instead: "If they cannot quit the personal attacks and talk about the issues, then perhaps my opponents have nothing substantial to talk about at all. If they cannot address the issues, then perhaps the people should consider the Libertarian choice."

"That is what my race comes down to. While Jones and Marino are investigating each other's pasts, I am spending all my energy examining the issues that are important to my constituents," said McQueen. "It is time to be a representative of the voters, instead of focusing on character assassination. It is time for voters to make the only choice to actually represent them, instead of the usual partisan infighting which benefits neither the people of District 11 nor Colorado."

"It is time to balance the Senate with some common sense," McQueen concluded.

Jeff McQueen is the Libertarian candidate for State Senate District 11, and plans to make history by creating an even split in the Senate.





Q: How many candidates are running for State Senate District 11?

A: Contrary to popular belief, there are actually three candidates running. You have Ed Jones, you have Tony Marino, and you have Libertarian Jeff McQueen.

Q: How many tax positions are there among those candidates?

A: Only two. You have Ed Jones/Tony Marino and you have Libertarian Jeff McQueen.

Jones and Marino are both tax-and-spenders. They're the same thing. Look at the facts.

Let's start with one side of the coin.

Tony Marino claims that he is a conservative, that he is anti-tax. But according to Project Vote Smart, he is in favor of maintaining taxes on alcohol, income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and state fees. If he were truly anti-tax, he would be in favor of at least reducing if not simply eliminating these taxes. As prices go up, so do these taxes, so in effect Marino is pro-tax! He is not anti-tax as he claims.

Flip the coin over.

Ed Jones not only has voted to increase taxes while serving as a County Commissioner, but also did so when it was illegal to do so. Jones also proposed and backed a tax increase that failed to make the 2001 ballot after the Libertarian Party of El Paso County vocally made objections. Jones also voted to give $500,000 to the multimillion dollar corporation that runs PPIR in a corrupted tax abatement, out of the budgets of a volunteer fire department, the library district, a rural school district, the county general fund, and the on the backs of residents of El Paso County. He essentially voted for a corporate tax break and a personal tax increase! Again, we have a pro-tax candidate through and through.

Same coin, different sides, all tax-and-spenders. That's one of the two candidates, Ed Jones/Tony Marino. There's no difference there.

The other candidate is Libertarian Jeff McQueen. Jeff is a working man's man. He works days to make a living and attends nursing classes at night to become an RN. He embodies the American and libertarian ideals of hard work and self-motivation to make a better life for oneself. Libertarians never met a tax they liked, and Jeff is no exception. It hits him in the wallet as much as anybody.

"An economy only functions when people have money to spend, and taxes take away that ability," says McQueen. "Who is the best judge of how you should spend your hard-earned cash? I'm not, and neither is government. Each individual should make their own economic decisions based on their needs. Government can't and shouldn't make that decision for us."

"Yet that is what both of my opponents want to do! They want to take away your right to make your decisions!" exclaimed McQueen. "I won't do that. I'll work to put more of your money back into your wallet so you will be able to make the family budget decisions easier and more productive for your benefit. Individuals and families need to budget the necessities, save a little, and then address the luxuries. Government should be no different, and the only way to do that is to elect people like me, people who recognize that."

Q: So how many candidates are actually campaigning in Senate District 11on serving the people and looking out for their interests, instead of fighting and slinging mud?

A: Only one. That candidate is Libertarian Jeff McQueen. That's why he deserves your vote.

Let's put a real twist on business as usual by electing Jeff McQueen. With 17 Democrats, 17 Republicans, and Libertarian Jeff McQueen in the Senate, it WON'T be business as usual.

17-17-1 for REAL change!

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