Biff Baker: "Character Shaped by Experience"

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Biff Baker: "Character Shaped by Experience"


October 31, 2002

The life experiences of human beings are reflected in their character and choices they make.

Biff Baker was raised by a waitress with four kids. Mom taught Biff that integrity was the one trait that was not negotiable! And that education was the best way of getting out of the slums.

He worked hard and was accepted into the United States Military Academy, where Cadets embrace the honor code, "I will not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate others who do." Biff has adhered to this oath for over 25 years.

Since then, Biff completed a Bachelor of Science at West Point, a Masters in Business Administration with honors, and is completing a Doctor of Applied Management focusing on Quality Assurance.

As a soldier for 22 years, Biff learned from the school of hard knocks, and hundreds of talented non-commissioned officers and soldiers. Biff served 2 years in Kuwait, 3 years in Germany, and 4 years in Korea; he also visited 23 other countries.

Biff Baker went from food stamps to becoming a Lieutenant Colonel, consultant, and a Professor of Management.


It's the economy stupid! How many times have we heard that? The Associated Press reports that faith in the economy has dropped to the lowest level in 10 years. Declines were widespread across most industries.

This economic recession has been compounded by our Congressional incumbents who provided H-1B visas to 147,600 guest workers at a time when 180,000-plus highly-skilled U.S. engineers and computer scientists are unemployed.

Also, Congress has knowingly siphoned off pension trust funds for non-pension spending. We now have a $6 trillion Federal Debt, and $10 trillion in unfunded Social Security liabilities. Divided by the American population, this comes to $53,000 in debt for every adult and child in America.

By stealing America's pension funds and lying to the public, our Congressional incumbents have created a future crisis that would require either a 25% reduction in Social Security benefits or a 37% increase in the Social Security payroll tax rate.

This is the legacy of unconstrained spending by Congress. Is this the legacy that you wanted for your children?


President Bush has set us on a course of war against Iraq for the "possible" development of weapons of mass destruction. North Korea has already developed weapons of mass destruction and missile systems with the capability of delivering massive casualties to the United States.

Our current Congressman is a Chicken-Hawk who has never served in the United States military. Chicken Hawks are people that talk tough but find ways to avoid military service when their lives are at stake.

Biff Baker served in the US Army for 22 years. Biff wrote the war plan for Defense of North America, and authored the Theater Air and Missile Defense plan for Joint Task Force-Southwest Asia. Biff has a Top-Secret clearance and will not need ramp-up time to ensure that the interests of Coloradoans are guaranteed in the US House of Representatives during time of war.

Additionally, Biff's experience as a Diplomat with the American Embassy in Kuwait taught him the intricacies of dealing with the State Department, the Department of Defense, and non-governmental organizations in a wartime setting. Do you want a Chicken-Hawk or a warrior to represent you?



* When we had a peace dividend that would pay down the debt? It didn't happen.

* The promises of balancing the budget? It did not occur!

* The promises of a social security lock box? It does not exist!

* The promise of term limits? Hefley and Tancredo changed their minds.

* False promises to "fix" Medicare and social security? Didn't happen.

* Hollow promises to Veterans and their families for better health care and concurrent receipt? It was blocked in Congress!

* Promises of human rights and equality for all Americans? We now have a system where the political elites get ahead on the backs of the working class man or woman.

* Promises of integrity and reform in government. Citizens Against Government Waste stated that our US Congress' accounting is immensely worse than Enron or WorldCom.


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