Threats Prove Need for State Militia

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Threats Prove Need for State Militia

by Jeff Wright, October 25, 2002

[Jeff Wright, a volunteer for Steve Gresh's Libertarian state house campaign, sent the following comments to the media. Gresh's original press release is reproduced at A companion release by Ralph Shnelvar is at]

In today's Gazette is more abundant proof than ever that both the government and the media are in deep denial concerning the need and efficacy of the state militia to be called up and used during our current terrorist emergency. Our press release will prove prophetic in many ways.

In two Associated Press articles, which I am sure ran in newspapers across the state, the government is now admitting exactly what I predicted. The two articles, "FBI Warns of Threat to Nation's Raliroads" and "Anti-terror report calls America 'dangerously unprepared'" echo precisely our call for a new approach to civil defense through the use of the militia.

This type of stories will be like a slow-rolling, nightmarish, steamroller as all the follow-on headlines declare. Here are some of the headlines we will be seeing:

  • "Electrical Power Grid in Rural areas of the West at Particular Risk"
  • "Multi-level freeway Interchanges in urban areas highly vulnerable to Sabotage"
  • "Wyoming Gas Fields and pipeline/distribution stations Easy Targets"
  • "Government Agencies blame Lack of funding/personnel on Failures to prevent Terrorist Activities"
  • "Low-Tech metal devices used to derail Trains"
  • "Sniper Shoots Holes in Dangerous Chemical Tanker Cars which transit Metro Areas, Releasiong Toxic chemicals on residents"
  • "Gas Refining Tanker Farm hit with shoulder-mounted rocket attack, Huge Explosion"

There are a hundred more behind these examples.

The government at all levels is so woefully unprepared and will be for quite sometime in the future. Particularly in the rural areas. A enormous amount of the support infrastructure for the metro areas is in rural areas especially the rural west. There are tens of thousands of square miles of sparsely populated countryside with power plants, gas lines, railroads, communication towers and so forth with no one but the local people in the area and a couple county deputies. This is absurd.

The government will never have enough funding and personnel to cover what needs to be covered. In the meantime they will leave the public in the dark as they have so far. More the half the funding they get will be wasted or misdirected by the agencies that get it. We already know the stories that will ensue as these failings come to light. What is it going to take for them to realize that political correct solutions and government paternalism is going to get many Americans killed and create panic in the cities when major disruptions occur?? How much civil disruption will these terrorists create before the citizens begin to prepare ourselves for what is coming?

The media is aiding and abetting them in keeping the populace ignorant, uninformed and untrained. They all want to pretend that life goes on as normal and we have nothing to worry about, the government will handle it. All in the name of political correctness and their fear of the citizens actually taking responsibility for a large part of their safety and security.

Gentlemen, something has to be done to BEGIN THE PUSH FOR THE CALL-UP AND ACTION SO THAT OTHER STATES AND LOCALES WILL FOLLOW Colorado's lead. The next legislature and the Governor must be pushed by the citizens to perform their CONSTITUTIONAL DUTIES.

I would propose that immediately following the election, we begin the formation of the county committees and the distribution of petition forms so that the Governor and assembly can be petitioned in January when they convene. They will do nothing if allowed to and then blame the fed for their lack of action.

I am sending this release around to the media again to see if they start to understand the serious nature of what we were proposing. Please give this wide distribution through you lists as well. This country is truly asleep at the wheel. We can change that.

Jeff Wright
Gresh for Liberty Campaign

Editor's note: the October 18 Gazette did report Gresh's ideas. It related, "Libertarian state House candidate Steve Gresh said this week he wants to form a citizens militia in Colorado. Gresh... said Owens' efforts against the war on terrorism have failed because he developed plans for more government rather than getting citizens involved." The paper quoted a sentence from Gresh's release.

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