Vote 'No' on Ref. B, LP Urges: Get Government Out of Health Care

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Vote 'No' on Ref. B, LP Urges: Get Government Out of Health Care

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 14th, 2002
CONTACT: Mike Seebeck, Public Information Director
PHONE: (719) 382-9529


The Libertarian Party of Colorado officially announces its opposition to Referendum B -- Public/Private Ownership of Local Health Care Services.

The proposal would:

* allow local governments, such as special districts, counties, and cities, to jointly own health care services or facilities with private companies or individuals;

* provide that a local government's and private company's share of ownership in such services or facilities be based on the amount invested;

* prohibit local governments from going into debt or pledging credit to create and operate health care partnerships; and

* prevent a partnership created to provide a health care service from being considered a local government or public body.

"Why does government have to get involved in health care at all?" asked John Berntson, Chairman of the Libertarian Party. "Every time a government messes with our health, such as in Canada, or when Hillary Clinton tried to federalize health care, it is a monumental failure. Why does our state legislature think that this would be any different?"

"Oh, wait, it would be a partnership, they say, not outright control. That's a lie," continued Berntson. "According to the proposal, ownership share and therefore control would be determined by investment levels. Who has more money, private shareholders or government? Private shareholders must rely on individual investors in the private sector. Government relies on tax dollars stolen from those same investors' wallets (as well as everybody else's!) before those investors can invest use it themselves. Obviously government has the upper hand, and will spend tax dollars to keep it."

Berntson pointed out the insurance industry and how government has fouled up both it and its partner, managed health care as examples of how government intervention in the marketplace cause nothing but problems.

"Insurance regulations drive up premiums and decrease coverage, all at our expense, and as a result health care has devolved into assembly-line practices where doctors cannot serve their patients in the best manner. We get high costs and little to no service. That's not the fault of the doctors. It's the fault of the system," said Berntson. "Where the regulations are less, such as midwifery and insurance-free doctors, the costs are less, the quality of care is higher, and the overall health of the patients is better. When we let the medical professionals actually practice medicine and healing instead of culling through government interference, people get and stay healthy quickly and cheaply. Government interference actually inhibits instead of assisting medical professionals to abide by their Hippocratic Oath of 'First, do no harm.'"

"It is government that keeps people sick, while doctors are trying to make them well."

"And now government wants to make us sicker under the fake disguise of what they claim is free-market partnerships with private companies? This is just not a good idea! We'd rather see the free-market work its wonders in health care by pursuing the best possible care for the least possible price, with full competition by fully private companies, with no government investment and minimal regulation, if any," concluded Berntson.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado favors the free market in health care and every other economic sector, opposes government imposing itself into the free market, and urges voters to vote NO on Referendum B to stop this government control con game before it starts.

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