Gresh Calls for Activation of the Citizens' State Militia

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Gresh Calls for Activation of the Citizens' State Militia

Steve F. Gresh
Libertarian Candidate for Colorado State Representative, House District 20
1460 Montezuma Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: 719-599-5706
Web Site: E-Mail:
For release: October 16, 2002

Gresh Calls for Activation of the Citizens' State Militia

COLORADO SPRINGS - Steve Gresh, Libertarian candidate for House District 20, makes the following announcement:

"The governor's efforts at preparing this state for a 'War on Terror' have been a failure. If there truly is a threat of terrorist invasion and attack on our society and within our state, then today I call on Governor Owens and my future colleagues in the Assembly to act in the name of the people and call up the citizens' state militia."

"To tell the us that the 'War on Terror' is an emergency requiring warlike internal security, severe loss of liberty, and invasions of privacy for the populace and then not even bother to inform and train that same populace in necessary civil defense tactics and procedures is the height of arrogance and paternalism," said Gresh.

"Let us end the charade of using the World Trade Center attack as a pretext to curtail our rights and liberties with ineffective government programs," continued Gresh.

Neither the state administration nor anyone in the state assembly has called for the raising and training of the citizens' militia. This reflects the reckless, patronizing, authoritarian, and un-American direction of this government. If the "War on Terror" is truly a matter of national security, then surely the people are the best ones to become involved in our own defense.

"The militia is the correct vehicle for that," said Gresh. "Our young men and women can be trained to fight and die in an undeclared war on foreign soil, but somehow they cannot provide homeland security? Responsible Americans will naturally want to take part in their own self-defense and preparedness at home."

Volunteer firefighters, Red Cross personnel, and Search and Rescue organizations have already shown that trained citizens can handle any sort of disaster. Gresh believes that having many thousands of volunteer militiamen (and women) throughout the state, trained to respond to various kinds of attacks, is far preferable to relying on the few people that government can afford to pay.

"Other Libertarian candidates join me in calling on our opponents and future colleagues to activate the Militia in this time of national emergency," Gresh said.

"This is not a Libertarian issue, this is an American issue. We owe it to our children and our grandparents to protect ourselves and our communities. Colorado can be a model, leading the nation in the most effective response to the actual terrorist threat we face."

Gresh is scheduling a press conference for noon on Friday, Oct. 18, 2002 at Centennial Hall, 200 S. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs to expound on this call for Constitutional self-defense. Interested news and media outlets are invited to attend.

The "Elect Gresh for Liberty" campaign maintains that the federal and state governments' efforts at both identifying the needs and preparing the states for a "War on Terror" have been a failure from many perspectives:

1. Federal forces are spread too thin and are demonstrably ineffective. The inability of federal agencies to react to any event in more than a couple places at a time is well known. Most people would agree that airport and border security is a joke that's contributing to the destruction of the economy. The federal government has admitted that the events of September 11, 2001 overwhelmed their resources in responding to four hijacked planes and coordinating efforts in the aftermath. There certainly can be no disagreement that the Intelligence, Immigration and Security infrastructure - for which we pay $70 billion a year - utterly failed us on that infamous date.

2. Draconian laws and bureaus like the USA PATRIOT Act and Homeland Security Agency aren't working, won't work, or are illegal. Justification for these approaches has been poorly developed and misunderstood by everyone concerned. Civil rights, corporate, privacy, and other groups are protesting and filing suits regularly over implementation of the USA PATRIOT Act. The Act was not even read by most of the members of Congress who voted for it. The Homeland Security Agency will be another federal albatross that does not work and will simply suck up tax dollars, like an enormous vacuum cleaner, with no real benefit.

3. We have a complete lack of involvement and feelings of helplessness in the vast majority of communities outside of metro areas that are potential easy targets for roaming terrorist groups. These groups could set large numbers of forest and prairie fires; destroy interstate overpasses to disrupt trucking; attack remote watersheds, energy production plants, distribution infrastructure across the west, and many other easy targets in rural areas. This endangers the rural communities as well as the infrastructure that supports major metro areas.

4. The Governor's current plan is basically just a couple of press releases and incomplete plans to tie together and accomplish one thing: government informing government about what government is doing! The Office of Preparedness, Security and Fire Safety has accomplished nothing other than developing plans and more plans for more government. Little has been done about actual local civil defense, nothing has been done about informing and training citizens, and no action is really being taken. The office has two people. Rural areas are considered completely non-existent. The non-involvement of the populace in critical metro areas and lack of information on training for potential attacks leaves those areas highly vulnerable. Government may be planning something, but when will they let us know what that secretive something is?

5. Organized militia, such as the National Guard and Reserve, are not trained to perform community patrol and most other domestic duties related to terrorism. In fact, those units are detailed primarily to assist in the ongoing and upcoming military adventurism on foreign soil. Many problems and abuses have already been seen due to poor training and deployment of those units.

6. There is a complete lack of understanding at the community level of the dangers, thanks to government's paternalism and arrogance. No actual civil and community type defense plan has even been proposed for each level of community and municipality in the state.

7. The federal budget is already deep into deficits for the foreseeable future. There are no federal funds to handle the true needs. State funds are much more easily identified and managed and more necessary to our essential security.

To contact the "Elect Gresh for Liberty" campaign, go to, call 719-599-5706, or send e-mail to (A photograph of Gresh for use by the media is available at Gresh will be pleased to talk further about this press release, the issues, and how volunteers can help.

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